Messages 2013

Giving, Receiving, Emotions and Thought

March 15th, 2013

Received by James Reid.

Caloundra, QLD.


Good morning Richard and other dear friends. I do thank you all for your constant love and attention which I value greatly. You do help me in my connection with Our Father. We have spoken about emotions a few times and recently there have been a few discussions regarding thought and emotion and the relationship between the two. I feel that it is difficult to really comprehend what is occurring with two basic and primary human functions as we have developed so many beliefs regarding these two in particular. I will appreciate any clarification that you can offer.


Good morning dear brother. We appreciate your gratitude which truly benefits you. We also are very grateful for your participation in this joint exercise. I say that your gratitude benefits you as this is the fact. Any true expression of gratitude increases the feeling of love in you. In this state, everything in you will function more easily and with improved balance.

Many people take the gifts of Father for granted and have an attitude of demand and dissatisfaction and bear all the negative consequences of such an attitude. When a person lives with an attitude of gratitude, they will find that needs are met and their desires are created with greater ease and without the detriment or harm of others.

Despite the common attitude that one only gets what one works for, all is provided freely. Whereas this is difficult to see in the world of today or even yesterday it is becoming apparent and will continue to be so. This is caused by there being more who have the ability to appreciate the truth of this. This is often misunderstood and thought to mean that one need only sit around and wait in order for all to be received. Whereas the gift is given freely to all it is important to remember that receiving is an active process. One who simply waits gives nothing and one must give in order to receive.

The giving can take many forms and all true giving involves the expression of love. Many regard themselves as giving when they perform their chosen or obligatory work when they actually perform it with little or no love at all. The reward they get is the money they earn and perhaps the gratitude or abuse of another. Even the money may be grudgingly given. Unfortunately love is a relatively rare medium of exchange in the commercial world. Many are working jobs of service also with little love involved in the transaction.

Those who do truly serve others by doing what they do with love will usually find much value in the loving and grateful response from the receiver of their act of service. Usually the monetary return will become quite secondary and of much less importance.

Truly the most important function of every being is service to one’s brothers and sisters. The most important method of performance of this function is that all be given and received with love and gratitude. The gratitude needs to be for the gift received and for the opportunity to be able to give. The application of this very simple law will simplify your living considerably.

I say law for there is a Law of Giving and Receiving or the Law of Gratitude. As with all of the Laws of Our Father everyone has free will regarding all of one’s actions and all will be equally and impartially subject to these laws. Whereas many believe that one only feels the full weight of these laws at the “day of judgment”, this is not so as the consequences of being in harmony or disharmony with these laws is instantaneous and invariable in body or spirit. The benefit or the burden is immediate whether this is apparent or not.

Expressing gratitude to Our Father is beneficial for these reasons. Father never demands that anyone be grateful for His gifts as all His gifts are given totally unconditionally with no strings or hooks attached. The Laws of God are there as the operating system of all life. It is not a system that is prone to updates or crashes and there are not several operating systems that allow you the ability to choose which one you will use in your life. There is not a new system in development that will supersede the past one. The system functions equally well for humans at all stages of development. The old advice of keep it simple applies. All of your Free Will operates within the provisions of these Laws that I call an operating system. This system has functioned flawlessly since its inception. There are many who will choose to disagree with this. As with the best systems it is simple at its core. Unfortunately the manual has been severely corrupted over the ages and humanity now suffers with a multiplicity of manuals all of which profess to provide the answers but serve only to grossly complicate the process to a state of total confusion. The true manual exists in your soul. It is surprisingly brief and simply written.

Well, I couldn’t let that opportunity pass because this is vital knowledge that all should know and live by. However it does lead into what I would like to say next in response to your question.

Your soul is the driving force of your mind and body. Your soul contains the operating system which is such that it operates in the world through Free Will. Free Will is such that it is operated freely by each and every individual. In the process of such free operation humans develop what could be called applications that determine their functioning in the world. These applications could be called beliefs and the stronger they are the more rigidly are they applied. The soul is created free of belief but begins to be subject to belief the instant the process of incarnation begins. There is no period of grace so to speak but instantaneous immersion in the earth and all of its attributes. A soul is curious and is a blank slate so that it easily absorbs the beliefs of those with whom it is in contact. There is nothing about anyone that is contained totally within that person to the degree that it is invisible or unknowable to another. Everything about everyone exists in the public domain to use present jargon. Most people don’t believe this and believe themselves to be private and self-contained. The developing soul is subject to all of the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions of all with whom it is connected near and far. The true complexity of this is difficult to comprehend. I was about to say impossible to understand but there are many of you who are capable of forming some sort of a concept of this.

Every soul has its own potential personality that exists prior to incarnation and this is a profound influencing factor on the effect that outer influences have on it. You are all aware of the idiosyncrasies of your friends and yourself. Every soul is subject to differing influences whether they are in the same earthly family or not. Every soul is subject to spirit influences both benevolent and malignant. Every soul has guidance from the Spirit World. Every being influencing that soul is equally subject to the Laws of God. This degree of influence applies to every one of us. When one looks at such a complex system one may feel confused and overwhelmed. We are evidence that such a beginning is no barrier to ascending to great heights.

Emotion as it is experienced in a body is a chemical process. It is possible to apply chemicals to the body that will produce various emotions or feelings. This could be called a synthetic process that has achieved popularity in many forms over the ages as mankind found substances that produced changes. The soul by its nature is prone to feel joy and degrees of this as its natural experience. Joy is fostered by the giving and receipt of love. The soul prior to incarnation lives in a state of bliss.

All chemical processes have elements that are active in the process and all have an end point when the process is exhausted. Processes that are frustrated or halted in an incomplete state are left with the elements of the reaction partly intact with all their potential for reaction still present. This is as true of emotional chemical reactions as of any other reaction. Chemical reactions produce results such as heat, noise, fire, explosion, transformation of the elements of the reaction. Many chemical processes have what are called catalysts which are substances that promote and facilitate the reaction while they are not changed by the process. Emotional reactions are not different. The chemical process is evidenced by the expression of the body in which it occurs. Every emotional reaction has a natural expression that is recognisable by every human being on earth regardless of race or creed. Emotions and their evident reactions are universal despite varying social codes of expression or acceptability. They are accompanied by heat, explosions, noise, etc.

Any emotional event when allowed its natural expression runs its course which would usually be quite brief and complete. It will also be a personal expression of the feeling state of an individual and will not be directed at another but will be something for which the individual is responsible and for which the individual takes full responsibility. The potential exists for an individual to go from a state of happiness to a state of emotional reaction and back to happiness in a short period of time. This is sometimes seen in children in today’s world but is uncommon in adults. It would be the norm if fully free expression occurred naturally and without judgment. This will be the norm at some time.

The emotional process is often halted at a time when the effects of the reaction are on the ascendant or at their height. When interruption occurs the unexpended chemicals will persist in the body for a period of time but will dissipate eventually. However the effects which are not allowed to proceed to natural completion will remain to some degree and become like another belief that is chemically encoded in the body and which has the power to affect the outer influences upon the soul and the outward expressions of the soul through the body. The process of suppression of emotional expression is always learned and is always taught by the application of fear either by threat, absorption or by example. Absorption is a term I will use although it is not the best perhaps. I mean the process that occurs in utero and in the young years of a person. This also occurs in groups in which the membership depends on the adherence to very definite beliefs. The newcomer learns from the behaviour and the covert expression and overt repression of the prior members how they should behave. Some of the most profound beliefs have their origin directly in the body rather than through the mind. These can be the most dense and difficult to shift.

When an emotional process is frustrated and the effects are retained in some way, the person becomes more prone to a similar reaction so that they need fewer stimuli to re-enter a similar reaction and possibly to enter it at a heightened level. If frustration occurs once more then the process is escalated and so on and so forth. It becomes easy to see how children learn to emulate a parent’s behaviour or to be grossly sensitised by another’s treatment of them. It is easy to see how people develop the attitudes they do in order to appear “normal” in their particular niche of society. In truth a normal person is one who feels happiness in its various forms and degrees as their usual feeling state and who is able to express fully any changes from this state occasioned by changes in their inner or outer environment and return to their usual state of happiness. I could take this further by saying that the ultimate normal person is one who is happy all the time and this is possible. As a statement of fact, I say that we are happy all the time and that one doesn’t have to inhabit the Celestial Realms in order to achieve this.

A thought can stimulate an emotional reaction. A perception of one’s surroundings can also stimulate emotion. This perception can be of a real or imagined threat and the result is the same. The perception can be direct, bypassing thought.

Here I will deviate briefly to speak of “real threat” because in truth there is no such thing. A threat is a product of the distorted belief arising out of emotional repression that changes perception. This distortion also creates or attracts the feared event in the immediate present. The Law of Attraction is the mediating factor here. This law can be seen as drawing events to you but may equally well be seen as simply showing you the belief that you are holding and how it is affecting you. The Law of Attraction is impartial and will equally show you your fears and your loves and passions. An essential companion in dealing with this law and its effects is Acceptance. Move towards what you are shown in order to accept this as a mutable manifestation of your beliefs. One aspect of moving towards it may well be the expression and, hopefully the full expression, of the emotion that you feel at the time. The Law of Attraction is as impartial as all of God’s laws. It will show you what arises from your beliefs even when the experience is apparently shared in the company of others.

Yes there are things in the world that will seek to destroy or harm you. There are many people whose stock in trade is fear and its applications to others. However, you will be subject to these “dangers” to the degree that your belief systems demand. This is challenging to accept but you will do so eventually. Once more, I give you my personal assurance of this. Your beliefs will determine the world in which you live so that one may live in a peaceful world amidst the roar of war or the tumult of earthly upheaval. Have Faith my friends as all of my statements are based on my experience and knowledge of Truth.

When one is receiving Divine Love one will experience a lessening and clearing of the grip of old beliefs. Making efforts to search back into one’s past can be fruitful in making you aware of the basis of these beliefs and of the people whose actions have helped cement them in you. Once you have a belief it is yours and you are, in order to progress, obliged to accept it as yours. You are responsible for it. The person or persons who influenced you into this belief are responsible for their actions and must face this responsibility eventually. However they are in no way responsible for your process of acceptance and of dealing with the belief. When you are able to accept full responsible you may be said to have forgiven them. Your forgiveness of them is, like gratitude, for your own benefit and does have the power to influence the perpetrators positively. Forgiveness will not annihilate memory but when forgiveness is true the memory will no longer have power to stimulate pain. You will no longer hold judgment of the other and will free yourself of that.

Perhaps you can sense that there is a wonderfully healthy selfish aspect to happy and healthy living. Any positive action of loving, giving or service to another is beneficial to you as well as them. Any truly loving action you take towards yourself is of benefit to all of humanity - indeed all of life. All true gifts and benefits are mutual. That is an aspect of God’s laws that could be said to be the basis of all interaction in life. “As ye give so shall ye receive.” That can be said as you will receive what you give in the instant of giving. If you give with love that is what you get and the reverse applies equally. You all live in the present moment and not in the past or the future.

I underestimate the duration of my deviations. Our topic is so broad that virtually every sentence could lead to another line of discussion that could go on for a very long time. You have an influence here as the subject is one of great interest to you and as you relate to an aspect of what I say it is easy for you and me as well to zoom off in another direction. That is not of great importance at present.

Thought is a function of mind which is a function of soul acting through the spirit body. A physical body from which the spirit body is separated does not have the capacity to think. It is unconscious. Man’s use of mind has become corrupted over the ages and become disorganised and often more irrational than rational. The capacity to think and the nature of thinking in any one person is altered by the effects of the beliefs that are engendered by frustrated emotion. Every belief is associated with emotion as emotion is the primary expression of man.

Emotion does not cause thought although it may well stimulate or repress thought. The thought associated with emotion is often about the emotion rather than in direct response or causative. Thought does have a direct influence on the physical body and will stimulate chemical and therefore emotional responses. The emotion is based on the perception of the content of the thought.

This is somewhat complex. That you have a mental awareness of an emotion does not mean that this awareness is a thought. Pure awareness and thought are not the same. It is not possible to draw a direct and straight-line connection between thought and emotion.

They both occur in the body and both are associated but are not causative one of the other. Emotion is the primary response of the physical body and a person communicating with pure emotion can communicate with any other person and be understood without the use of words. This is the essence of music and dance and art. Communication from mind to mind without words is also a universal form of communication independent of language. The communication of emotion through language and overt mental processes is quite unreliable because of the modifying factors of belief and social process and gross dishonesty.

Mind is a process of the soul through the spirit body. While the connection of the being is primarily to the earth with all of the associated beliefs the function of the mind is hampered and gravely reduced. I cannot stress too strongly the influence of belief on functioning on earth and in the natural love spheres. The true freedom of the soul and spirit comes only when all beliefs are shed and this only happens along the Divine Love Path. It is only the Truth that will set you free.

Emotion in the body is inextricably associated with breathing. Every emotional event is associated with a change of breathing which is apparent as a change of breathing pattern. Conscious and unconscious control of breath is the common way in which people learn to frustrate and suppress emotional responses. This is so common that it is rare to find a person with normal, healthy breathing patterns. Many healing approaches on earth pay great heed to breathing and rightly so.

Whereas emotion is the primary response of the physical body it is felt in the spirit body and the soul. As I said previously the natural feeling state of the soul is happiness and bliss. This is also the capacity of every cell in your physical body. When cells function as they are made to do they feel joy and the sum of the joy they feel is felt by you.

The corollary to this is that if you are not feeling happiness and joy the implication is that there is more discord than harmony in your body. It is quite remarkable that so many bodies are able to continue functioning with the level of disharmony that they harbour.

Emotion in the spirit body is an energetic process not dependent on physical chemicals. It is the echo or record of the emotional effects that the body developed and held during incarnate life. They can still be dealt with and cleared by spiritual process. In fact the clearing one may do while incarnate is no less spiritual however it may be achieved. There is no avoidance of the emotional residue here as the avoidance mechanisms of the body are stripped away. The spirit, at least initially, feels all of these emotional effects in their full force and must face them and work towards acceptance and doing whatever is needed to clear the effect.

The emotions are also quite apparent to everyone else so there is no hiding. The most effective process available here is embracing and praying for the Divine Love. This is the surest and best method of resolving these problems and we offer it to all who will accept our approach or that of another with like mind.

The process of praying to Our Father and the request for Divine Love needs to be sincere. It is desirable to accept that one will receive what is requested. This process in itself is transformative if persisted with and developed. Develop a strong desire for Divine Love and express this in prayer. You might not always be aware of an initial response and this might be because of a lack of awareness of subtle processes in your body. This is a result of repression of feelings over a lifetime. It can also be because of the weight of unloving behaviour accumulated over your lifetime. Be patient and caring of yourself and continue, as praying in this way is a vital and effective act of self-love. Remember that you receive as a result of the way that you give. Allow your love of Our Father to be strong in you and express it in your prayer. This opens you and creates in you a capacity to receive. A loving request to another or to Father is a gift to them as it allows them to give in return. You must allow gifts to come to you.

The chemical methods commonly used on earth to “deal with” emotional effects may add another layer of repression but don’t result in clearing or healing. They usually deepen the difficulties.

Well there is much more to say and it will be said in due course. We have done much today and our rapport has been excellent. I congratulate you on your effort and thank you once more.

Take a needed break. Go with our love and blessings. We stand with you always and bathe you in our love.

Your loving brother,



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This message is included in the book “The Richard Messages” as item number 44. The book can be purchased at Lulu or Amazon. It is interesting that the advice given here how best to address the issue of troubling emotions is quite contrary to another teacher who claims that the flow of Divine Love is inhibited by emotions.

Another message on emotions was received the day before this, via another medium.