Messages 2013

The source of emotions.

March 14th, 2013

Gibsons, Canada.

Received by AF.


A recent discussion about emotions and thoughts centred on which comes first. Does one have a thought, and then create an emotion, or does the emotion itself give rise to thoughts? On a suggestion that emotions were of the mind, a quote from a message delivered by Judas on May 8th, 2002 was offered for consideration:

The human soul has been described on several occasions by diverse spirits. Jesus explains that the soul is a creation of God, a separate and different entity, and is not an emanation from the Supreme Being, as some religions teach. The Master also explains that the soul is the seat of “spiritual emotions”, using the word “emotions”, because the soul does not “think” as the mind thinks. The intelligent activity of the soul develops on the spiritual level, and not on the level of reason. Therefore, it escapes description, in the same way as the emotions of the animal nature elude the intent of articulating them into words. Words are the shapes and structures of the “material” mind, to which emotions add color and life.

As this medium was typing his response to the various posts, this happened:

As I write this I am being overshadowed by an angel who wishes to say that anger is a product of a distorted mind but other emotions such as joy, laughter, sadness and love come from the soul. Geoff was right in his assertion that he does not truly understand the workings of the soul and neither do most mortals. The soul does operate from a different set of laws that are misunderstood by the mortal mind. Emotions which arise from a soul are actually felt differently from that place and once interpreted by the mortal mind are expressed differently. As one progresses with the inflowing of the Love, the difference will become clear. There will be no confusion or wish to deny one emotion while accepting another. All are part and parcel of the mortal. Angels feel emotions differently but they still exist within their souls as the Creator has gifted his precious children with many attributes that may be transformed and will come into perfect harmony and balance with the workings of the Divine Love. You will all come to see this issue with greater clarity as you progress in the Love. Give thanks to God for creating such a beautiful creature as yourselves that is capable of deep and abiding feelings and love.

As for the thoughts and their relationship with emotion. They are not preceded one or the other but work in tandem in regards to the soul. And these thoughts are simple, clear and without error in the redeemed soul as are the accompanying emotions. Both in harmony and expressed in tandem. The overriding feeling is higher Love that pervades all aspects of the redeemed soul. As I have said, there is a great harmony and balance created here by the blessing of God’s great Love.

I am Judas, God bless you and we are pleased that you delve into such matters with deep interest and willingness to share and to learn. We will attempt to answer these questions as this instrument is in condition to do so. Do not stop questioning as this is one more avenue to soul growth. Knowledge brings you strength. Love brings you peace and joy. Together, these make a beautiful and effective channel for God’s Love and Truth. I love you as do so many. God bless you.


Another excellent message on this subject was received via another medium the day after.