Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2013

These are the spirit communications we have received in the year 2013. We have adopted the approach of concealing the identity and sometimes the location of the medium. This is for their own protection from undue criticism.

Author Title Date of Message
Father Come back to me. January 6th, 2013
Father Know true freedom. January 8th, 2013
Father Only Love will dissolve the illusion. January 16th, 2013
Father I am your guiding light at all times. January 17th, 2013
Judy Garland Judy Garland Adds to Her Channeling January 19th, 2013
Father Know you to know Me January 19th, 2013
Father I want you to join hearts and feel our connection. January 22nd, 2013
Father Within you I see only beauty. January 25th, 2013
Father You must give yourself time. January 26th, 2013
Father Expectations leave no room for mystery. January 29th, 2013
Father You are my temple. February 1st, 2013
Father Let’s fall in love. February 3rd, 2013
Father Don’t let your mind limit your thinking. February 6th, 2013
Father There is only one you. February 10th, 2013
Father Keep your faith in me. February 14th, 2013
Father I need only your longing. February 16th, 2013
Allen Dulles The American Way of Death. February 19th, 2013
Allen Dulles The American Way of Death - 2. February 21st, 2013
Walt Disney The War Mentality. February 21st, 2013
Father Tune your strings to the frequency of love. February 24th, 2013
Woodrow Wilson A President Explains Himself. March 6th, 2013
John D. Rockefeller Snr. John D. Rockefeller describes Himself. March 11th, 2013
Nelson Rockefeller No Way for the Rockefellers. March 11th, 2013
John D. Rockefeller Snr. John D. Rockefeller describes Himself - 2. March 13th, 2013
Judas The source of emotions. March 14th, 2013
Richard Giving, Receiving, Emotions and Thought March 15th, 2013
Jackie Gleason A Great Comedian’s Experiences in Spirit March 15th, 2013
John D. Rockefeller Snr. God Sees Something Else. March 16th, 2013
Frederick T. Gates A Colleague of John D. Rockefeller SR. confirms his Channeling. March 16th, 2013
Father You are home in My Love. March 17th, 2013
Jesus The reflected relationship of our parents and our Father. March 17th, 2013
Col. Prouty Col. Prouty describes his work. March 21st, 2013
Jesus Encouragement. March 22nd, 2013
John F Kennedy A President’s Comforting Thought. March 25th, 2013
Oscar Romero Comfort from a Martyr to Truth. March 29th, 2013
Father You are my angels on earth. April 1st, 2013
Jackie Gleason Clarification from Jackie Gleason. April 5th, 2013
Queen Liliuokalani A Queen’s Message of Comfort. April 9th, 2013
Jesus Peace, Part I. April 30th, 2013
Father Be My Love to change the world. May 1st, 2013
Father I touch your soul with a silent kiss. May 5th, 2013
Pablo Neruda Communists - 2. May 5th, 2013
Jesus Peace, Part II. May 7th, 2013
Father Your joy is my reward. May 19th, 2013
Father You have walked alone, now wake up to My Love. May 20th, 2013
Jesus Do not fear to walk the path. June 2nd, 2013
Jesus The Spirit of Truth June 29th, 2013
Father Your words are yours as they are mine. July 19th, 2013
Father Your heart is where My Love rests. July 21st, 2013
Father My love lives and you feel it. July 28th, 2013
Father You are a mystery. July 29th, 2013
Richard Rodgers A Different View of America. July 30th, 2013
Charles T. Russell Regarding the Jehovah’s Witnesses. August 2nd, 2013
Father Let your tears flow like diamonds. August 3rd, 2013
Father My Love will heal your wounds. August 7th, 2013
Father I heard you and I answered your call. August 8th, 2013
Father Let My Love be your foundation. September 3rd, 2013
John Wilkes Booth Understanding a Fanatic. September 5th, 2013
Paramahansa Yogananda Transcending Your Emotions. November 15th, 2013