Messages 2013

Come back to me.

January 6th, 2013

Child of God


Come back to me, dear child. Let go of your distractions and dive into the eternal love with me. I have called for you many times, you have felt that and yet you decided to go on with your busy life. Come back. You are worthy of my love and I want you to listen and share what you hear. You cannot be a channel of my love without taking time in silence with me. Yes, we may work together but you must make an effort. Your world is full of distractions I know it is not easy but you can do it. You must overcome the distractions and do what needs to be done, taking your time each day to sit in silent prayer.

You are never lost. The distractions you feel is your fear. You fear embracing your longing fully. You have felt frustrated. No words from me slipped through your buzzing head. But I am still here, as always. We have an eternity, but I ask of you to do your work now when it is most needed. Grow in my love. Take your time but don’t waste it. Use no excuses. Do your work. I ask nothing of you that you cannot accomplish.

I speak to you. But this is true for all. I never force you. The un-fulfillment you feel comes from you not honoring your longing. Embrace and follow your longing. That is your true destiny. I am with you all the way.

In love,

Your Father