Messages 2013

The Spirit of Truth.

June 29th, 2013

Al Fike

Gibsons, BC.


I come. It is Jesus. I come to be with you, my children, beautiful souls who gather to be in the light of the Fatherʼs Love, who come to understand truth, who come to nurture their souls through their relationship with God, our Creator and Heavenly Father. And I come because I love you and you are dearly loved; each soul here is dearly loved by God and by we in spirit who can see your lights that are beautiful, beautiful to behold. For so many here it is hard for you to see your light, to acknowledge this light within, but nonetheless it does exist, its beauty shines forth and one day you will be able to see this as you pray for the Love to open your soul faculties and perceptions, you will see with the eyes of your soul; you will know, and this knowing will be unfailing and strong.

Some have asked for me to speak on the subject of the Spirit of Truth, and I will say this: that the Spirit of Truth does exist, yet it is not like a spirit as in the Holy Spirit, but exists in of itself. It is part of the Divine Love, it is part of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit of Truth is a manifestation of Divine Love. Just as the sun brings light and warmth so does the Divine Love bring its warmth to the soul, and the Spirit of Truth to the soul, and in this comes the awareness of truth, in this comes the gift of truth; the Spirit of Truth is the knowing that comes in the soul and this knowing acknowledges truth.

And yes, for many of you, when you speak the words of truth, when you read the words of truth, there is an acknowledgement within, and this is the Spirit of Truth exercising its power within you to understand what truth is. And truth evolves as the soul evolves and comes closer to God. Understanding is never complete for all eternity. Your awarenesses and understanding of truth will evolve and grow as you come closer to the Creator, so this Spirit expands within you, and is a gift that comes with the Divine Love. I am very happy to speak to you about this gift. It is an important matter. There are many souls eager to understand truth, and it is important to acknowledge that this understanding comes with the inflowing of the Divine Love and as you receive more of this gift, this blessing from the Heavenly Father, there will be greater understanding of truth. They come hand in hand, a gift together: love and truth, understanding, and your soulʼs awakening, and your soulʼs longing to God; and as this longing goes forth to the Creator it is answered with Love and truth. The eyes within open. The longing within intensifies. The closeness to God becomes palpable and powerful, and hence you walk upon the Divine Path.

As this unfolds within your lives, your beings, your souls, there is so much to impart to each one of you, my children. And as you are able to listen, we will speak; as this instrument is willing, and progresses upon the Divine Path, he will be a channel of truth for many. And there are others to come, my children, who shall be a channel in this way. But for all of you you may be a channel of love, and this is most important, most powerful, most gracious. For you do my work as you are a channel of love, as you are willing to be a channel of love in the world. We pray for you, my children, that you may be willing to step forth in this way, to be givers of love, to set aside that which holds you back, that holds love back, that keeps you from your Heavenly Father.

We pray for you to set this aside, to choose light with every breath, to be a channel of love with every moment. Blessings to you, my children, for you do make this effort, and you do desire this, and it will be. Godʼs mighty love flows in your souls at this moment. Be open to this great and mighty blessing. It will change the world, my children, it will change the world. God bless you.

I am Jesus and I love you. Each of you are precious to me. Each of you are beautiful and loved, loved by God, in such a great and mighty way, that if you were to understand and experience this love, you would be breathless and humbled and awe-inspired by how much God loves you. May that awakening occur for each soul here. It is meant for you. God bless you.