Messages 2013

Peace, Part I.

April 30th, 2013

Received by Bright Soul.


I am here, Jesus. I wish to speak on the subject of peace, that elusive feeling that many would like to fully experience but few truly seek, and when they do experience it, fail to hold on to it. Peace is not native to the mind. It is a quality inherent in the soul. It does not need to be sought after as something outside of oneself. It is already within.

The peace of the soul is unshakeable and ever-present. When night falls and darkness covers the land it does not mean the sun has departed. The sun is ever-present; it is you who has moved. When the mind’s chaos darkens your heart it does not mean that peace has left you. Peace remains within, but you have turned away and are not looking within.

The mind is a great distraction on the path of peace, the path to God. It questions and challenges what the soul knows to be true. The soul was the original inner guidance system, but it has been usurped by the inferior mind. The mind is over-used and over-valued. It is time for this tool to be used in its proper place.

Inner peace will not be attained through mind. World peace will not be attained through mind. The disruption of all that society holds dear, including peace, has come about through the workings of mind, at a collective level. This damage cannot be repaired using mind to solve the problem. You must all revert to conducting your lives based solely upon the wisdom of the soul. Trust that you have this wisdom. Trust that you will, in time, be able to access it readily and consistently.

When enough individuals do this, large-scale problems will be able to be solved through the inner wisdom of soul. It will seem miraculous, as with very little debate or process there will be consensus. Solutions will present themselves as if out of thin air. The awakened and active soul will recognize the wisdom behind these solutions and the mind will not need to be consulted. Trust that this shift is already occurring. If it hasn’t happened to you, it will. Your soul’s peace and wisdom will reign over the falsely esteemed mind. Be at peace, my children. Go within. Let go of mind, as often as you can. Trust that your soul will guide you. God speaks to your soul. Listen with your soul.