Messages 2013

John D. Rockefeller describes Himself.

March 11th, 2013

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, John D. Rockefeller.

Yes, I do desire to say a word, in light of the fact that you have just finished reading this chapter about me [“The Rockefeller Syndrome” by Ferdinand Lundberg, Chapter Two]. You are wondering how I could have done so much harm, which I now see, and yet seemed oblivious of it.

I saw myself as a businessman building a business. Everything I did had to benefit the business. I could not understand all the objections and criticisms. After all, wasn’t I providing an excellent service to the public and doing it better than anyone else? And furthermore, didn’t my gift giving demonstrate my awareness of others? It was my habit to give generously. This satisfied a deep need. The author presents the thesis that I had an obsessive-compulsive personality. You are wondering what I think of this.

Well, the first thing I will say is that these things were not clear to me. I did what I did, and I did not question my conduct. Since my early years, I had developed a great love of church and its teachings, so I learned about morality and the rich fund of wisdom that the Bible and organized religion possess. This side of me is ignored by those who have disapproved of what I did.

But though my psychological makeup was not something I gave much thought to, as I felt I knew what to do and felt it was right, nevertheless from this side of life, I can see certain patterns I could not see before. For example, as to gift giving, Mr. Lundberg does not discuss this in relation to my religion, but there was that connection, and I knew it.

So then, you wonder, was my gift giving generosity or compulsion?: It seems, my young friend, that I would have to say, it was both, and at the same time. Human nature is complex.

I am pleased with how you received this message, and you are pleased with it yourself, since you are one of those who has strongly objected to my behavior. But you are also a disciple of Jesus who loves the truth. I spoke the truth in this channeling, and you took it down as I conveyed it.

I will conclude by saying that human error, and all the harm that comes from it, cannot withstand the Angels of God.