Messages 2013

Transcending Your Emotions.

November 15th 2013.

Gavere, Belgium.

Received by W.V.


Good evening. I am here, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Today I would like to tell you something about earthly emotions; grief, pain, anger, sorrow and so on.

First you should understand that emotions are things created. You are the creator of your own emotions. I know this might sound a bit strange or even hard to believe but nevertheless it is the truth. Every kind of emotion is a disruption of the harmony between mind and soul.

We, as children of the cosmos, are souls. Unfortunately throughout the centuries we have come to believe we are our own creations or are creations of our minds. Therein lays the biggest error of today’s thinking. Freeing yourself from these errors is actually very simple. One only has to transcend oneself and one’s earthly bonds. This may sound difficult to do or comprehend at this moment in time but let me assure you it is possible. Do not forget we are souls who are connected to the Source of Wisdom and Creation. It is with this soul that we can find any answer we are looking for; also the answer on how to transcend your mind.

So what do I mean when I say: “to transcend your emotions?” Let me try to explain it as clearly as I can. The transcending of our emotions will find its beginning in the realisation we are not who we physically are. Our physical existence is merely a representation of the existence of our soul. In other words, everything we create (or are) as a human being is being created by our soul in the first place. Unfortunately enough, not many people understand how this happens. But let me tell you the answer is most of the times, much easier and simpler than most people think.

If we are indeed the creators of our own thoughts and emotions, the answer is very simple indeed; do not create these emotions, these thoughts, anymore. Distract yourself from the thoughts that keep you from being the loving soul you truly are or want to be.

Love is indeed the answer to everything. This does not mean you have to accept everything others do or say. It is not because one reprimands another, because of his unloving words or deeds, one is not loving or in balance. Sometimes it is necessary to do so. There is however a difference in speaking (or reprimanding) with authority or angrily: the first is in balance, the second is not. What we as humans miss out on is the insight that our heart and soul gives us in our contemporary lives.

Try to be more conscious of the processes that trigger a certain emotion. Does this mean you have to know every little detail about why you have certain emotions? No, the primary focus is on observing yourself and that is less difficult than you’d think. Plant the intention in your soul by thinking about it. Say to yourself: “I want insight into why I create anger or fear.” This will create an awareness on those moments you become angry or fearful and help you to become an observer of yourself. It will help you to find out what the trigger beneath the emotion is.

The strange thing about this, is when you get this insight, the emotion will disappear. This is because you have subordinated your mind to your soul on that specific topic. So the more you try to do this, the more control you will give to your soul and all worries and emotions of the mind will disappear like snow to the sun.

Does this sound difficult or illogical? Eventually the truth is always much simpler than most people can imagine. I hope we have given you the tool you have asked for. This is something that even the simplest of souls can learn. It all depends upon the great gift God gave us; free will.

The beautiful Source doesn’t want anything from us except our love. We are the ones who are responsible for the choices we make in our lives. So do everything you do out of love and you will see how fast and easy your life will change. Do not start thinking again: - It’s easy for you to say, - or - It’s not that simple, - because it is. You just need the necessary willpower, dedication and of course all the Love you can get.

That is why it is so important to tune in to the Big Soul. Because, if you are willing to accept His Essence in your soul, you will notice these things will become much easier and faster. You will gain insight not only into yourselves but also into the world and the whole cosmos around you. So you see there is still a lot to learn. You don’t have to be afraid the learning will stop tomorrow, because it won’t. I hope we have planted a seed that will help you to grow closer to the Source of all goodness, the Creator of all souls.

I am going to stop now. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your willingness to listen to us.

Your friend and brother, Paramahansa Yogananda.