Messages 2013

You must give yourself time.

January 26th, 2013

Received by Child of God


My dear child,

You are getting to know me better and better. My Truths sink deeper and deeper into your soul, merging with it, flowering with it, bringing new birth to your soul. While this happens you sometimes find yourself not quite satisfied with what you are and the way you live your life. You feel you cannot quite fulfill your soul’s knowing.

You must give yourself time. You must honor yourself for your willingness to know Me. I love you for every tiny step you take towards our union. There will be times when your soul and the rest of your being are not in sync. Such is your human life. You will be challenged. You still have a lot to do, but you are progressing so beautifully and at just the right speed. Such things do not happen overnight and it is important that all of you get a chance to be fully aligned with your soul’s knowing.

Enjoy your soul’s growth. Enjoy your life and do not judge yourself. I certainly do not. I love you.

Your Father