Messages 2013

Be My Love to change the world.

May 1st, 2013

Received by Child of God


Seek me in your heart and you shall find me. Let My Love shine upon you. You are glowing and leading many. Be brave enough to stand alone. Be brave enough to reach out for support. Hold hearts, my family of love. You weave a net of love and are the hope for so many. You are my hope. I feel your souls desire to be My Love. I feel your pain and struggle. Your tears are mine as you walk the Path of Love. We are holding you, uplifting you, my seekers of Truth.

There are words for those who hear. The path is clear. A beautiful path of Love. Open your eyes to the beauty of this path and you will see. There is beauty in every heart beat of the souls who await your coming. Open your hearts and feel their longing for Truth. They feel The Love in your hearts and souls. They know their longing, yet the illusion of separation keeps them blinded. Their soul reaches out, trust their souls longing. Have faith in their soul’s deepest desire. This is where you meet, soul to soul, heart to heart. Trust their longing heart. Trust their longing soul. You feel it. You know it. You have been there. Remember the time of your own souls longing, when the longing was new and fragile. You needed someone to hold your heart against hers. You needed compassion and understanding. You needed someone to shine their light in your darkness. You are the ones to hold them in their despair. I need you to do that. You are my children of change. I cannot do this without you. I love you and support as all my angels, always.

Be my hope of change. Be My Love to change the world.

In gratitude for your love

Your Father