Messages 2013

Judy Garland Adds to Her Channeling

January 19th, 2013

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Judy Garland.

You’ve been watching things on the Internet about my life, and you saw my two daughters - bless them a million times! - saying that I was not the tragic figure that is so often presented as the way my life was.

Well, let me say that I did have a good sense of humor, and I liked to laugh. Not every moment of my life was sad and tragic. There were many stretches of good times.

The various messages I’ve channeled to you1 reflect my thinking on this side of life, which is so very different. Though it’s true that I wasn’t the incoherent zombie, still, I didn’t know myself. Also, many things happened to me that were indeed tragic. It was difficult to cope with a show business career and an addiction at the same time.

Your own experience has shown you that when you lived through certain things, you couldn’t see it clearly, but with hindsight, it comes into focus. That was the spirit with which I channeled those things through you.

I had an energy and a joy that nothing could suppress or kill. And this quality came alive in my performances, in a way that I couldn’t really sustain to that degree at other times. Yes, that’s true. For a person like me born to perform, nothing could take the place of successfully engaging an audience. It’s an experience apart, that many others will confirm. You felt it when you performed at the senior centers, that indescribable feeling of sharing a musical gift, and having that gift come back to you in gratitude and appreciation.

My children love me with a deep and true love, and they only wish to preserve the best of what I was. For that, they have my eternal thanks.


Note 1 There have been four messages: May 19th, 2008, September 19th, 2008, October 12th, 2008 and March 2nd, 2009.