Messages 2013

Clarification from Jackie Gleason.

April 5th, 2013

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Jackie Gleason. I said in my channeling of March 15, 2013 that I never had a problem with humility. You recently read that I had said, “I have no use for humility, I am a fellow with an exceptional talent.” I know this sounds like a complete contradiction, so I’d like to explain.

I was referring to the fact that I never lost track of the poor kid I was. I admit I wasn’t modest about my talent, and that I could be a bit wild and bossy. I was not a saint. But deep down, I never lost track of who I was. In that sense, I was humble. God had given me a certain talent, and I saw no reason to deny it. That’s what I meant by saying, “I have no use for humility.” You always had the strong impression that Ralph Kramden was myself, and you are correct. You yourself responded to this character when you were a boy, and I knew I had that drawing power. So why should I have denied it? When I said that in my original channeling, your mind grasped the exact sense I intended by the word humility. When I made that statement denying humility, I was using the word in another context, that of my talent, which I was proud of. To argue from this that my original statement is false, since I wasn’t modest about my talent, would be to obscure the original intention which you understood. I was a man of the people. That’s why Ralph Kramden was so popular. So you see, you grasped my meaning perfectly well. You’ve come up against this problem before, the limitations of mortal language.