Messages 2013

God Sees Something Else.

March 16th, 2013

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB.


[individual paragraphs channeled at different times during the day from John D Rockefeller Snr.]

I stated in my message of March 11 that my giving was in harmony with the teachings of my church. But at other times, many times, I gave to benefit my business. I was simply saying that it would be wrong and unfair to rule out all my gift giving as self-serving, though much of it was. The messages I have been giving you, my young friend, illustrate a great truth that you already know - that God looks at the heart. So no matter what others may say, often people see one thing, but God sees something else. I had learned this idea in my youth, and it is true. Yes, my young friend, I have arisen out of my darkness. Not only that, but I am actually assisting in the huge effort to bring redemption to the earth. I know this surprises you, but it is true.