Messages 2013

Within you I see only beauty.

January 25th, 2013

Received by Child of God


I am your Beloved. Within you I see only beauty. I feel your fervent desire to serve Me and your desire to bring all good things will bring us closer.

Know that everything is taken care of. Continue your journey of surrendering. I know your innocent heart and I trust you. Nothing is taken from you and time will bring you clarity. These are but small steps which prepare you for what awaits you.

Sometimes it seems that you are lost. Know better things await you - treasure upon treasure. The more I feel your desire the more I can give and the more you can receive. Love is the answer to your longing desire. Cultivate your desire for serving Me by loving even more. You are the face of God. You are My heart and soul. Rest your mind in your trust in Me. Open up your soul to the inflowing of My Love. Shower yourself in My endless love.

The answer is love. The answer to your freedom lies within all the barriers you have built against love. Every time you cannot love fully it is a sign of a barrier you have built between us. Recognize them and accept them. Your awareness is your foundation for forgiveness. Forgiveness is just an expression of love. Your soul grows with your awareness to acknowledge and forgive. A little sin is removed from your soul and love fills you. With love comes freedom. Forgiving yourself and loving yourself sets everyone free.

If you could only see yourself. See your astonishing light - your glimmering soul. If you could only see yourself through my eyes. I see only beauty.

I am holding your heart

Your Father