New birth

Messages 2013

Know you to know Me

January 19th, 2013

Received by Child of God


Know you to know Me

You are a piece of my soul. I created your eternal part from Myself. That piece is your longing and your longing will stir your soul forever. Your longing is my silent whisper in your ear: “Come home”. Listening to your longing will slowly but surely bring you back to Me.

You long to know Me. I say to you “Know yourself”. We are the same and to know you is to know Me. You must find inside yourself this piece of US. Go and search. Make your longing grow. Get to know yourself with all your heart. Make that desire your only desire. I will hear you. I will listen to you. I will honor your longing and bring you a little closer. Come even closer and every tiny step will make our desire grow, our desire to feel each other even more until we are so close that we are One. In our Union our love will expand sending shivers through the Universe and beyond. Our union will be felt everywhere. There will be light. There will be peace. There will be creation.

Love is everywhere and love is all that matters.

Forever longing

Your Creator