Messages 2013

Let My Love be your foundation.

September 3rd, 2013

Received by Child of God.


Build your life on My Love. Let My Love be your foundation. When you can fully trust and feel that My Love is here for always, you will never again feel alone. My Love will ease your burdens. The pain will subside. In your heart and soul peace will find you.

You may feel you must give up everything to let My Love embrace you fully. You must let go of everything that is not love. You must let it all go to set your soul free and let your spirit fly. Going through such a transformation is painful. You may feel you lose everything.

This is your time of trust. This is the time to hold your hope up high. Honor yourself for your courage and honesty. Don’t let your pain come between us. I feel your resistance. Let it go. Let My Love fill every chamber of your heart. Let My Love carry your every wound to The Heavens. Let your soul rest in the stillness of My Love. Let My Love comfort you. I am here. As always.

Your heavenly Father