Messages 2013

Tune your strings to the frequency of love.

February 24th, 2013

Received by Child of God


Tune your strings to the frequency of love.

Your heavenly Father is here. Wake up, every child of Mine. Wake up to My love. Spread your wings and fly into my arms. Let me embrace you and fill you with My love. Let My love erase the shadows of your soul. Let my love melt away the barriers you have built around your heart.

You, my dear child, know that I speak. Believe my words. Your important message is that I speak to every child of mine. I speak through your heart and soul. You and I have found our frequency of love. Tell everyone of this possibility. Be a living example of My guiding love. Be my encouragement by living My love.

It is true. We are One. We are but one cosmic soul with one heart sounding in the sea of love. Many of you cannot feel this and live in the illusion of separation. Listen to the rhythm of our heart. Find your sound amongst the infinite sounds of love. Within the infinity of sounds is your tune. Be that tune. Express the sound of your soul. Sing. Dance. Listen. Feel. This is you. This is what you are. An expression of love.

This is your gift. This is your love lived. Without you our song will be incomplete. Listen. Touch my heart. Seek and you shall find. But seek not outside but within your own heart. For your heart is mine.

Your Father