New birth

Messages 2013

I am your guiding light at all times.

January 17th, 2013

Received by Child of God


Many topics pass through your mind and often you feel a little confused about what to focus on.

I am your guiding light at all times. You may put your thought into whatever interests you and my guidance will flow through you. I walk beside you. I listen to you. I hear you. I see you. At all times.

This is as true for you as it is true for every child of mine. So few of you are aware of this and it is sad. Instead of accepting my love and guidance you decide to not pay attention to that which is inside of you. You constantly ignore all that you hear. Instead of letting my Love fill you, you go with the illusions and distractions.

What awaits you is the fulfillment of your dreams. Following My Guidance is your path to your true happiness. Trusting in Me will still your mind, leaving space for your soul to emerge. Your soul is calling you. I am calling you. Listen. I constantly show Myself to you for you to one day finally come home to Me. I know your heart’s true desire. You do not have forever.

Can you hear Me? Do you listen?

Your Father at all times