Messages 2013

I want you to join hearts and feel our connection.

January 22nd, 2013

Received by Child of God


You cannot walk with the crowd.

My guidance is available for all. For you to be able to listen and discern the Truth from all that which passes through your mind you must be willing. So many of you live in a world of fear and ignorance and often you must walk alone. With so many living outside the Truth it cannot be different. But you need to belong, you are not meant to walk alone. Yet you must in the sense of your brothers and sisters, whom so many live their lives in ignorance and illusion.

Know that I am with you, but for you to feel that, you must be willing to give up your feeling of superiority. As long as you feel superior, you cannot accept my guidance. For many of you the thought of giving up your superiority and surrender into the knowing of My existence is your ultimate fear. Your experience with surrendering has often left you naked and fragile, vulnerable and alone. This is your human experience. You cannot trust humans, of whom so many are lost. Yet you did because you came into this world with an open heart. How could you but trust? You have felt defeated and unloved. How could you do anything but trying to hold on to yourself. You gave up your innocence and tried to take care of yourself by trusting no one. You tried to protect your heart by loving no one. Now I ask of you to be willing to give that up. I want you to take the hands of your brothers and sisters. I want you to join hearts and feel our connection. I want you to trust and have faith.

You are never alone. Yet as long as you are not willing to accept the greater part of you, you will feel alone. I am not an outside force, I am within you.

I am your loving Father. I will guide you into love and happiness. You can trust me but you must be willing.

I am here

Your Father