Messages 2013

The War Mentality.

February 21st, 2013

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Walt Disney.

You are wondering if I had to account for my support of the war effort [World War II]. You also wondered about my smoking.

Well, on both counts, I did have the difficulty that faces every spirit, to face the things we did that were wrong. But having had a foundation in goodness from my parents, I was able to overcome, and in a relatively short time. I know you’re very interested in my life, and I’m glad to supply this information. And yes, there were other things I had to account for. No one can escape this, except through God’s Love.

Let me comment further. Americans are so accustomed to thinking about World War II as “the good war” that they avoid such things are the saturation bombing of Dresden and the atomic bombings of Japan. They claim it saved lives. But they thus close their eyes to their own country’s complicity to the innocent suffering and death their country caused. I know many will refuse to budge on this, but it makes no difference, because like all of us, they will have to face themselves.

You learned from the Padgett messages that militarism is all wrong. I learned to my sorrow over here that the things of war don’t mingle well with the things of God. In fact, they are diametrically opposed.

Then it can be argued, but the military took over my studio! I had no choice. But I did support the Allied effort, not because I favored bloodshed and killing, but because I felt it was necessary to win the war to preserve my country’s freedom. And I did so selflessly, as the facts reveal.

But that did not prevent the insight I have been explaining, and not all the ignorance and stubbornness in the world can change the fact that with the war mentality, there is always a price to pay in the moral balance of life.