Messages 2013

Do not fear to walk the path.

June 2nd, 2013

Received by Bright Soul.


I am here, Jesus. To all who read this message: I love you. Please listen, for my words are answers to your prayers.

Do not fear to walk the path that God beckons you to follow. He is the true shepherd, and you, His sheep. He will always guide you along the most gentle path. He will always guide you to the freshest water and the greenest pastures. You have but to follow His lead, and move in harmony with the flock, your brothers and sisters, all one family, His beloved children. When the storm comes, He will shelter you.

It is always your choice to leave the flock, to stray from the path. Sometimes you may stray so far as to lose sight of your shepherd. But the Heavenly Father shall never lose sight of you, His lost sheep. He shall call to you. He will give you signs to indicate the way home. But again, it is your choice, whether to heed these signs and answer His call. The road home will be as rocky as the one that you strayed upon. But your desire to come home shall give you the strength to overcome all obstacles along the way, and you will be blessed and guided.