Messages 2013

The reflected relationship of our parents and our Father.

March 17th, 2013

Received by Child of God


I am here, your brother in the Love, Jesus. You called upon me to shed light upon the subject of the interrelatedness between your relationship with your human parents and your relationship with Our Father.

Indeed your relationship with Our Father is a reflection of your relationship with your parents. Your parents are your first love, and from them you take on their shadows and wounds. From their unconscious way of living and loving, your love is shaped. You see the world through their eyes, until you yourself wake up from their illusion.

When you live in fear, when you feel there is no one to trust, how could you possibly reach out to feel Our Father’s Love? The possibility lies dormant in your heart and must be awakened. Awakening to the possibility happens in many ways; through knowledge, through an intimate listening within your own silence. If you are blessed with parents who share the love in their heart, you are born into the Love. This is a blessing and a gift. This will ease your path.

Most of you are not blessed with such parents. Most of you are born from parents who in their body field have stored the pain and sins and separateness from all past generations. Now you must live with this. It is true you are born with a pure heart, but you are much more than your heart. Now you must find within you the strength to break free. You have a choice. And you have within you the Love, waiting for your call. This love is your hope. This love is your way to freedom.

Our Father is waiting for you to break free from your torment. He will constantly show you ways and opportunities to find a way through the illusion. And most importantly, he will love you endlessly in your struggle. He will never leave your side. He will never give up on you. There is a lot more to be said on this subject. I leave you for now, my dear sister in the Love.

Your brother, Jesus