Messages 2013

Expectations leave no room for mystery.

January 29th, 2013

Received by Child of God


My Kingdom is for all. Within My kingdom is endless love for every child of Mine. No one is ever left out.

Expectations leave no room for mystery. For those of you who sincerely desire to know Me there is a way. I can be found everywhere. The mystery lies in every creation. You must open up your soul to the mystery. To do that you must leave your expectations behind. There is only your way and your way is a mystery. For Me to reveal your mysterious way, you must give up what you think you know about Me. Your expectations are but a limited perspective of My mystery and as long as you search for Me by that limited perspective, you will not find Me.

Give yourself to the mystery. Dare to open up your heart and soul for My kingdom to enter you. Be brave and trust in My love. You must surrender yourself completely for Me to show you your way. I know your heart and I will guide you with My love.

Your Father