Messages 2013

Peace, Part II.

May 7th, 2013

Received by Bright Soul.


I am here, Jesus. The topic of tonight’s message is the peace that passes understanding.

What you must realize about this peace is that it comes from God. There is a distinction, then, between this peace and the peace I spoke of in my previous message on this topic–the peace that is inherent in each human soul. The peace that passes understanding is a much more powerful and all-encompassing stillness that is given as a blessing by God. You can feel the difference. This blessing is like a soft blanket of indescribable comfort laid upon you. It envelopes your entire being and completely stills the mind, beyond what the peace of one’s soul can accomplish.

You must pray for this peace. Pray for it often. Pray with your soul. The peace that passes understanding is a gift beyond measure and it is God’s way of helping you overcome the tyranny of the mind. Seek this help.