New birth

Messages 2013

Know true freedom.

January 8th, 2013

Child of God


Freedom is your sharing of your deepest love. Freedom is my love flowing into your heart and soul with no obstructions. Freedom is my love surrounding the entire you, waking up every cell in your body. My happiness is your soul shining and glimmering embracing every soul on your way. My greatest joy is your smile.

Set yourself free. Cast the illusions over board. Feel your feet in the warm sand, the wind caressing your chin. Watch the sun in its rise and fall and know this is you.

Know true freedom. Love with all your heart. Let me into your heart and soul that we together may recover your innocence. May you feel your purity and innocence and reclaim it. Know it was never lost. Feel my love to give you courage to move beyond your feeling of unworthiness. May you trust your innocent heart. When love is all there is freedom will follow. There will be no more fear. Ask for my love to fill your heart and soul. I will give it to you. Be my heart and soul that we together may change the world.

You are love. Love will set you free.

Be with me,

Your Father