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AJ’s first post in December 2004

In 2004, without any prior public announcement that we ever became aware of, a person by the name of Alan John Miller posted on the most popular Divine Love message board. (This board no longer exists)

I think it is useful to publish this message, and I have all of the fifteen messages posted on that board by AJ, and all of the responses he received. At no time on that board did he ever state that he was claiming to be Jesus. His claim was that he was one of 14 who had reincarnated, and that one of them was Jesus. He eventually left, claiming that we were unloving. In the interests of fairness, I will also post the first response he received, which came from me. I am not particularly proud of it, and my incredulity overcame my normal welcoming attitude towards newcomers. I thought that he was incredibly well received, but his claim was not accepted by any except George Raizman. A number of people did contact him privately, and did not share their reading of the situation with us on the board.



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A New Revelation

My brothers and sisters

I know that what I now say may be hard to believe for some members and that some may say that the Angelic Revelation messages make for such a thing to be impossible (which is actually not the case). But with all the sincerity and love that is a part of me, I assure you that what I tell you is the truth, and will be confirmed by mediums in contact with real Celestial Angels.

The Apostle Peter, and James the brother of Jesus, who are still Celestial spirits, and who are currently directing the work in heaven, will confirm these details, as will Ned himself, and Leslie - if given the opportunity to write or speak through mediums that truly have developed themselves (in physical respects, in moral qualities, in mental qualities, in humility, in spiritual qualities, and developed their soul in Divine Love). All of the Celestial spirits are very excited by the news that I have to give to you.

Please be aware that many of the messages purporting to come from Celestial Angels in the last 44 years since 1960 (since the confirmation of the Padgett messages by Jesus), have in fact been from imposters, as can be seen by the quality of such messages to the mediums compared to the quality of the spiritual truths which we gave to James Padgett.

There have been some messages that are truthful, but, due to the condition of the mediums, have not contained truth in the detail that was possible with James Padgett. But others, claiming to be from the spirits I name below since 1962 are mostly from a false source, although many messages do contain some truth.

I have to reveal that Jesus and a number of other Celestial spirits have returned to the earth, and we are currently planning to make the message of Divine Love known the the world again. Those who have returned are:

Jesus and his soulmate Luke and his soulmate Apostle John and his soulmate Apostle James (brother of John) and his soulmate John the Baptist and his soulmate Ann Rollins and her soulmate

I know this, because I am one of those mentioned, and have been in contact with many of the others. A few have not yet been found, and a few are not yet of condition. We vary in age between 18 and 41 years.

Many of our heavenly brothers and sisters (Celestial spirits) from whom you have heard are our guides, and have been a major instrument in making this process a possibility, since without them we may have never come to a full knowledge of who we are.

I expect that this news will be met with disbelief from many believers of the messages. However, that will not change our purpose, which is to teach the Divine Truth to the world, as has always been our purpose since the rebestowal of God’s Love on the human race in the first century.

I state, as do the messages, that it is impossible for a Spirit to reincarnate. But the way to reincarnate has been revealed to us by our Father, and, as you would expect, it is within the perfect Laws that He has created. We took this opportunity, since the Divine Love that is in our soul motivated the decision once the possibility was recognized.

It has been a difficult road for all of us, since although the soul can reincarnate under certain conditions, the conditions under which it can occur can potentially result in a large amount of trauma for the individual which is difficult to psychologically, emotionally and mentally deal with.

Each have experienced various degrees of trauma, and with some, their lives since returning have been extremely difficult and painful for them, which we were aware would occur at the time of the decision. A few have experienced severe Child abuse. Some are only now beginning to recover from the process, and will need additional time, which is the reason for the time taken before we can make this announcement.

Reincarnation is not something which is generally the intention for all persons, but rather, is for the outworking of God’s Plan, and our coming indicates the Second Death will soon occur (that is, the removal of the opportunity of becoming a recipient of the Divine Love for a time, and the closing of the doorway into the Celestial kingdom, as is God’s purpose). Those of you who believe also will need patience with us, since some of us are still going through the process of recovery.

But the time is ripe for what must be done, so it begins.

As you can imagine, there is very much more to say and to discuss, and the Truth is now more complete than ever before, but I think it at this time best to leave this information with you to ignore or distribute as your level of belief will dictate. As I have stated, I expect some disbelief, although those who listen to the leanings of their soul or if their spirit guides are Celestial spirits will feel a strong agreement with what I have spoken.

With my love and concern for you I ask that you please keep an open heart, “like that of a child,” as I wish for all who are firm believers in the Divine Truth to become those of our band, since the work to be done is for the salvation of mortals and spirits, and we live in a momentous time in the history of mankind.

I must also say that, over the past 6 months in particular, we have been looking at the messages many of you have left on this message board, and can feel the Love you have. We have also noticed that many of you are ready or have already begun the work of informing the world the Truths about our Father, and are impatient for that work to grow.

For this reason it is our intention for some of us to come to the USA in the new year, and outline the plans we have for both raising funds for the work, and detail the work we wish to accomplish. We are currently raising funds because not many of us are well to do materially.

We have all cried with happiness that the messages we wrote to Ned have been preserved in the manner they have been as we realized soon after they were confirmed in 1960 that they would be instrumental in our own education.

We have no wish to disturb the peace of mind of those who cannot believe what we say, and we know, as always, that your soul development in conjunction with the exercise of your free will will determine the assistance you give.

But we love you, and thank you for your time in reading this message.



This was my immediate response:


Dear John,

Your message is frankly hard to accept at face value. I am to understand that a group of ex-mortals have reincarnated to presumably do a better job of spreading the Gospel of Love that James Padgett received?

Fair enough. I actually am expecting a quite different materialisation. Not a reincarnation, and I guess it saddens me quite some that Jesus, who I understand to be Master of our universe, is apparently unaware of the impending arrival in the flesh of his brother Monjoronson. (In some circles I am privy to, Jesus seems fully aware of Monjoronson’s mission, and seems himself to still be running the show.)

Why did Jesus not avail himself of the same methods that Monjoronson plans to use? When he arrives here, he will be here 1000 years, but I suppose that you and the rest of your group are only going to be here 3 score and ten? And Monjoronson will not be born of women, which would seem to solve the child abuse problems experienced by your group. How is it that the right hand and the left hand have such different procedures?

You say:

Please be aware that many of the messages purporting to come from Celestial Angels in the last 44 years since 1960 (since the confirmation of the Padgett messages by Jesus), have in fact been from imposters, as can be seen by the quality of such messages to the mediums compared to the quality of the spiritual truths which we gave to James Padgett.

If these messages are from imposters, but have not altered the substance of what Padgett said, who cares? What I personally find almost amusing, is the last fellow who arrived here claiming a hot line from Father dismissed all the contemporary messages precisely because they introduced nothing new. So they are dammed if they do, and dammed if they don’t? Of course we have a few times been told to ignore the messenger, and concentrate on the message, so provided the contemporary messages contain truth, it matters little who was the Celestial author.

And, to the matter of imposters. I think that when ever I have been personally present, and Amy has chanelled Jesus, based on the way he conducted himself, and the answers he gave, I had no doubt he was here. This was in the last few years. But how did he do this, if he was reincarnated? I guess that is why you refer to imposters? As well, I personally received a huge healing from Jesus, only a few years ago, so I do tend to think he is where he has been these last 2000 years.

But, in summary. Talk is cheap. I will judge Monjoronson by his fruits, and if you and your party would like to turn up in Sydney, I will be happy to entertain you, and discern YOUR fruits. I trust I don’t need to tell you where I live, nor when I am available. These things you or some one in your party should know, or have access to.

Much love, Geoff.