Messages 2001

The closing of the Celestial Heavens.

September 3rd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


My dear brother H___, you proposed a strange mixture of questions, and some of them have really made us laugh. But it is true; you have also touched on some important and complicated topics. But don’t worry, we are going to clarify everything, as far as you may grasp the answers.

A very interesting topic has been the closing of the Celestial Heavens. Let’s articulate first the problem, and then we will give you the answer.

The messages delivered by Jesus and his Celestial co-workers speak of the definitive closing of the Celestial Kingdom. As you know, there are two ways between which humanity may choose, and that is the way toward the natural paradise in the sixth spiritual sphere, and the way toward the Celestial Heavens. It is necessary to opt for one of those possibilities because there is none else. Here the Father has restricted man’s free will a little, but in a very benevolent way, because both ways lead to a result full of happiness.

The first way leads through soul purification in its natural love, and it ends with the perfect natural man, who has reached the pristine state of soul through its purification, a condition which the first parents enjoyed before their fall. It is a way of “returning” to the lost paradise, of a return to the original creation, as God had made it.

The other way, which we call superior, is of a very different character. Each soul, each man, has the possibility to obtain God’s Substance in the form of His Divine Love through prayer, provided this prayer originates from the longings of their souls. These prayers, on the wings of the soul’s longings, ascend toward the Father, who sends His Holy Spirit, which conveys the Divine Love into the supplicant soul in answer. Divine Love also purifies the soul, but even more, it transforms it gradually from a human soul into a Divine soul. When this process finishes, the soul has experienced what we call the New Birth, because it is no longer a “human being” in the strict meaning of the word, but a Divine being, with the attributes of Divinity in Divine Love. Among these attributes there is true Immortality. And only this Divine soul may enter the Celestial spheres, the Kingdom of God, in order to enjoy an eternity of happiness and progress. Souls without Divine Love are excluded.

This is, in a few words, Jesus’ central teaching, which he preached in Palestine, and which he continues teaching at the present time.

Another part of these teachings, as transmitted in the Padgett messages, indicates that some day in the future, the Celestial Heavens, the Kingdom of God, will close their gates, and all souls outside will be excluded through all eternity. Nevermore will they have the opportunity to enter, nevermore will they have even the opportunity to obtain Divine Love. Or to take away the sharpness of this statement, we may say at least that it is uncertain whether they will ever regain this privilege or not, and so they should not rely on this remote possibility. This day of definitive separation of “sheep and goats” is also called the Day of Judgment, and there is also the expression of the Second Death, because the excluded souls will have definitely lost their option for true Immortality.

All this was presented consistently in the Padgett messages as a fact, which would happen some day in the future, unknown even to Jesus, according to the Father’s decree.

Very well. You know all this already. But it is worth while repeating it. And then, all at once you read the following statement in a message:

“It is a Gift. But do not think for a moment that God is unkind or unjust. And be aware that should that day come, every single one of His children will have made a choice, a conscious choice. They will know what their relationship with God is. All the blinders will be removed. They will know where they came from.

You need not worry; it’s going to be a long, long time from now, if it ever happens at all. That’s for God to decide”

“What a surprise!”, you thought. “And now it is not so sure anymore that the Celestial Heavens will close?”

I will answer this very directly: The Celestial Heavens will close. This is a fact and has been repeated over and over again through different messages received by diverse mediums. I will explain to you why the solution to this problem is not so simple as it may seem at first glance.

You remember that there is a period of grace for those whose soulmates live in the Celestial Heavens. They are granted certain time to obtain Divine Love. You also remember that those souls who have already obtained a small portion of God’s Love will always have the possibility to obtain more, through all eternity.

If you think it over, you can see that the Father has the facility of selectively taking away the privilege of receiving His Substance. This is why I cannot tell you whether there will be a specific day when this privilege will be withdrawn from all souls lacking Divine Love, or if this happens gradually, that is to say, if He withdraws the privilege from certain souls, while other souls continue with it.

At times you thought that it was unjust that souls who lived on earth 5000 years ago, have so much time to decide, and that other souls, who incarnated a relatively short time ago, have to decide more “quickly.” I don’t want to expand one more time upon the term “just,” but in fact we don’t know if the Father does grant the same term to each soul. But one thing is crystal clear: Each soul will receive more than enough opportunities, and no soul will be able to complain about an “unjust” treatment.

Besides, all these thoughts fail to consider that our Heavenly Father is omniscient, that is to say, He can foresee the future, and He knows exactly who will take advantage of the opportunity and who won’t do so.

It may be that some souls have already lost the privilege. As a matter of fact, we don’t know, and they don’t know, but they had not taken up the opportunity anyway. It is their free will choice.

After the definitive separation, each group of souls will follow its own course. Those outside cannot visit us, and we, I am sure, seeing that they don’t want our help and that there is no great attraction, which Divine Love constitutes, well, we won’t leave either to visit them. Two communities with different directions, ours well known, theirs still uncertain. Two very different communities, a community of human souls, and another one of Celestial angels, who have already lost their human nature, and have become part of Divinity. There will not even remain the nexus of belonging to the same race or species, because this will no longer be the case.

We could say therefore that the great day of separation would happen when the last soul with the privilege of receiving the Love of God will have entered the Celestial Heavens. But the withdrawal of the privilege itself from a certain group of souls may start much earlier. Perhaps it has already begun, we don’t know.

But all human beings that live on earth at this very moment don’t need to worry about this now. All, absolutely all, will find their opportunity, and not only one, but multiple chances. It’s up to mortals and spirits to make good use of them. We will help, but we can only help when we find the will and the disposition for receiving help. In other words, it is necessary to ask for help.

That is why I always repeat this: Activate yourselves, ask! When the Heavenly Father hears your prayers, He won’t give you stones or scorpions, as Jesus put it in his picturesque way of expressing himself, but He will give you bread, the Bread of the Life, His Own Substance. God gives Himself completely. Is it too much to ask that you may also deliver yourselves?

Obtain this Love right now. It is the most precious Substance in existence and it will bring light and warmth to your life. It will give you a position of preference when passing over into the spirit world, and the reward will not only be paradise, but True Heaven. I believe it is not necessary to think this over.

You are sleepy now. It is time to say good-bye. I think the topic of the closing of the Celestial Heavens is quite clear now, as clear as we ourselves understand it. The Father will decide, and the Father will disclose it.

Sleep now, and sleep in peace. I will watch over you, and God’s blessings are upon you.

Good night, dear brother,



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