Messages 2001

Trance Message from Jesus.

June 24th, 2001

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


Medium: Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your love, and in this thankfulness we pray that this Love be manifest in our thoughts and our deeds, that we may bring this Love to this earth to help heal our relationships with one another. I pray at this time for an inflowing of God’s Divine Love, that I might elevate my thoughts and desires to make rapport with the Celestial Angels that are here with us today. I want to be an instrument through which the Angels can demonstrate and manifest their love for us, and the wisdom they might share with us to help us see our way to be the most loving we can be. I pray, dear Heavenly Father, that You help me put myself aside, that I might be an instrument for our dear friend and brother, Jesus. I have faith in the power of your Love to protect me, and I love You.

Jesus: I am here with you now, my divine family, and I am your brother and friend, Jesus. And I have prayed for and received the Divine Love of our Heavenly Father; the greatest Gift that God’s great Soul extends to us, His children.

I am here with the Celestial Angels so that we may demonstrate our love for you today, as we do every day. And I am here to answer your questions which you may have. But please know that I am with you always, that I am not far from your side, ever, that you will never be without my help and my love.

I love you with all my heart. It is my privilege to be your brother, and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.

Kathryn: I have a question from Bill C, who called this morning. And he wonders what it was you said at the Last Supper that caused people to interpret it to be the Eucharist, the bread being your body and the wine being your blood. What did you say that could have resulted in such a strange ceremony?

Jesus: It is always a temptation for the mind to seek to have an understanding of its relationship to God. It wants tangible evidence and symbols to represent that relationship that is a purely spiritual one. I represented to my disciples God’s will, that they become at one with Him in Love. But they could see my Love. They could see Its demonstration in our lives together. They could have faith in the power of this Love as it demonstrated Itself through my hands. It was not until I left that they had to realize the power was in their own hands through this Love that they prayed for, through their desire to do God’s Will.

I want you to realize how important it is to realize your relationship with God. He Loves you. He Loves you. And it is through your hands that His Love comes. Do not look to the material for the assurance that you have this relationship. Look to your hearts and feel the Love in your heart reaching out to your brothers and sisters who need that Love.

Bill S.: I have a question. I’d like to know what it is about myself, that I’m not conscious of or aware of, that when known, can have an impact on the people around me.

Jesus: I will say, Bill, that it is your joy in realizing the personal relationship you have with God, that you and Your Father are one, and that His Love is manifest through you to these brothers and sisters who are God’s children. We are all God’s children. We are all beloved by God. Is it not the greatest gift we have to share – this Love that God has shown us? Would it not bring us the greatest joy to touch someone in the greatest Love that we have, that is with the Divine Love that we have been shown? Always consider how worthy you are of this Love, and at the same time consider the worthiness of the one who stands before you. That is what we are here to do. Does this answer your question?

Bill S.: Yes.

George: I have so many questions for you. And I’m not even sure how adequate this question is, but is this the - a curious question that came to me. And I was thinking like around 1980, we had two hurricanes or disastrous things coming towards us. And they both just seemed to stop and turn away from us. So, my question is what are the laws that apply to these types of situations? And another question – what could I do to become a better person, a servant of others?

Jesus: George, I want to say that I love you very much. You are my brother. I want you to realize that despite your weaknesses as a human being, that your soul shines forth in this world. You want to love. You want to share the Truth. These desires will bring to you the opportunities to reach these people who perhaps are not open to the Truth, but who are always open to your love.

I want you to realize that in the scheme of this planet and its unfolding, its weather, good and bad, that your soul, your spiritual life, has a place that is not of this earth. This spiritual life you have, if you were to visualize it, hovers above the earth, impervious to those storms and those feelings that we as human beings sometimes have to weather.

You will become stronger as you realize who your Father is. Your Father is a Heavenly Father. He is your Spiritual Father. He guides your heart to seek His Love. But He is not impersonal. And He will take the time to help guide your life here on earth to be a good one, to be a happy one. As you align yourself with His Will to become at one with Him in Love, because He Loves you, will for yourself to love Him in return. Love Him with all your heart as He Loves you.

Calena: I have a question. If Aman, or Adam and Eve, were the first parents in earth, where are the black people coming from? And the Chinese people? That was my first question. And my second question is, if always I am with you and always you are with me, why I have to have doubts how I know I am in the right place, how I know this is the right church?

Jesus: Calena, you are the church. In your heart is the most beautiful temple that you have constructed for this Love that you feel from your Father. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we are good enough, if we are worthy of this tremendous Love, this Gift that we recognize in this Love God has offered to us. If you could only imagine yourself as God sees you, the beautiful soul that you are, the beautiful child that He sees before you that He loves with all His Heart, it would put to shame any jewel, any treasure that you might find here on earth. It would put to shame any monument that has ever been built by man.

You are the most beautiful creation of our Heavenly Father. There is only one of you. You are precious, you are rare. And as for the diversity of the races that you see on this planet, you must realize that the soul is as diverse from another soul as are the grains of sand and the stars in heaven. But what binds you? You all have this common bond in Love to one another. You all need love. You need to give love. You need to recognize in one another this humanity that elevates you to the status of being the greatest creations on this earth. We are one in the spirit of this Love. We are one family.

Arthur: Master, I’m very grateful for what you did, and the courage you showed as a mortal, the fact that you made it possible for us to receive Love. Of course, God made it possible, but I am grateful that you did take up the burden and pray for the Love. My question, Master, is that, I know that in time, I will understand, but I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about how I can figure out what it is that I can do in the world to serve. I have a great desire to serve, but I don’t have any idea at this moment how exactly that mission will materialize. And I would like some guidance as to that.

Jesus: I will tell you a story. When I went to gather my disciples, they were fishermen. Many of them had families. That was all they knew that they could do. They did not have the skills of craftsmen who could build a house.

I was a carpenter, as was my father. We were simple men. We didn’t do a lot of multi-tasking, as it were. (laughter) But what I asked of them, as God had asked of me, was to become fishers of men. What did this mean? What does it mean? How do I cast my net out to gather men and women?

God harvested us. We were caught in His net of Love. We looked at one another as blessed with this knowledge that God had this Gift, this Love, that was the most powerful thing in our life that we’ve ever known. So He took our hands and put Love in them. He took our eyes and made us see the Truth of His Love in the world. We chose to believe that God loved us. We asked our brothers and sisters if they could believe the same. And that is how we became fishers of men.

Arthur: So, you’re saying it’s in the asking; was that the point you’re making?

Jesus: As you seek to love God beyond all things, you will see the Love that He has for all His children. You will see what His Will is for you, and you will consequently inspire others to recognize what God’s Will is for them.

Arthur: Thank you, Master.

W.A.: Master, I just want to thank you and the Celestial Angels for bringing me here at this time. One of the questions I’d like to have answered at this time, Master, is, I know that you received the privilege of being born again on this earth. And I’m wondering if the disciples actually reached that plateau of knowing their immortality, or have there been others since you? Thank you.

Jesus: I want to say that I am indebted to our Heavenly Father for having rebestowed the Gift of His Love. He did not offer it just to me; He offered it to all of His children. At the time that God rebestowed this Love, there were among those spirits who were awaiting this Good News, our first parents - our first parents who were offered this Gift upon their creation. They had many years to wait to finally accept this great Gift that they had denied. But if you can imagine, just for a moment, what their joy and their gratitude were for that day. Try to imagine that their Heavenly Father will wait for an eternity to Love every single one of His children. His Love has been in the world all these years. He has not failed to answer one prayer, not one.

There have been many, many souls who have recognized their relationship to God. But my brothers and sisters, do you not always feel, feel this Love in your own life; just to the small amount that you may be able to open your souls to how great, how powerful and strong this Love is for you? As our brother Geoff has to do sometimes, and close the door – it’s so great. God is with you, will always be with you. The truth is here; it lives in your heart. There are many [who know of their immortality].

Michael: Master, I don’t have a question at this time. I pray to our Heavenly Father for Mercy and Forgiveness. I just want to acknowledge you and the Angels, and I thank you so very much for all your help and assistance. I just wanted to say, I thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jesus: Michael I love you so much. We are with you always, loving you and adding our prayers to yours. We’re so grateful to you.

Mark: Dear Master Jesus, I have a question for you about family. As I was with my friend Lisa last week and spent some time with her family and with the children, I felt a great love for them, and I think I gave that love to them. And at the same time also, I realized the loss that I feel in my life for not having that kind of thing in my life. And my question is really, the thing that I’ve been struggling with, how can that loss be restored in the spheres, where there are no families like that? It seems like it is lost forever somehow. And another thing that I find difficulty with is, it’s the more I try to get that Love, at the same time, it also hurts more, if that makes any sense. And I wonder how that, how that is. Thank you.

Jesus: Mark, you are with your family today. We in the Celestial Heavens make every effort to bring you into those situations that you can manifest this Love that you feel. I realize it hurts because as you go out into this world, you realize how lost God’s children really are, how the defenses that they’ve built around them prevent that Love from reaching their souls. But I ask you, brothers and sisters, to tear down those walls between you and God’s Soul. Let Him embrace you with all His Love. Let Him hold you at night and comfort you with His Love. Invite us, your Celestial brothers and sisters, to pray with you. We love you so dearly. If we could show ourselves to you to make you realize that we were right there with you, that we would hold your hand, I wish we could. But don’t fail to hold one another’s hands when your hands are together. Tear down the walls between you. Recognize your family, Mark. Open your heart to them, as they have opened their heart to you.

David L.: Boy, it’s that time again, Master. Every year, as I’ve told some of our first visiting people, how wonderful it is to come and to share this time with you and the Celestials, and the good spirits who are here to hear what you have to say today. We’re so appreciative of this. All of us look forward each and every year to having this spirit rejuvenation, allows us to go off fully refreshed, and look forward to the very next year when we can do the same. This year was a little bit different because as we approached it, we had I guess you would call a mini-conflict here and there, that we had to resolve. And the wonder of it all is that the Divine Love that we have shared has brought us even closer together than we’ve ever been before. It’s magnificent to witness the power of that Love in our lives, and I want to thank you for your support and the Celestials. Of course, most of all, I want to thank God for what has taken place, and what joy we are starting to feel after this little mini-crisis – at least I’m feeling quite a bit. So I thank you very much for that, Master. And there’s not much I have in mind either. I was trying to think of a question, but usually, what I’m just concerned about is, you know my big family up there, I’ve got so many up there! And if anyone there has anything to say, I’d be happy to hear it. Otherwise, I want to, God bless them all. Thank you again, Master.

Jesus: Well, Sarah comes forward here to surround you with her love and assurance that they’re with you, and they are trying to comfort you in recognizing that your extended family is always, always open-armed to your soul and your great love.

I wish to say, my brothers and sisters, that even though today may be somewhat special for you, that I can come through a medium to speak, I ask you each to please open your hearts to me every day. Let my love come into you. Ask me to be with you. Ask for my guidance with all those little things that bother you. I want you to realize that I am your brother because I Love you.

You are my brother, Dave. I need your love, as you need mine. I need it every day, because our souls are open, we’ve opened the door, we’ve opened it wide. We will not be satisfied with less than Love every day. We’re spoiled! God’s Divine Love has opened the door to one another. Keep it open.

Holly: Master, I have a question that’s out of curiosity about what exactly is the Fountainhead of God, and I want to know, is it a place that’s reachable, or are we constantly striving to reach this place?

Jesus: Well, speaking for myself, I’m striving to reach this place. I have received God’s Love into my soul. It has shown me many things. There are splendors in the Celestial Heavens that you cannot conceive of here. But these splendors are born of Love. Love expands us. It expands our capacity to receive and to be aware. And if you can imagine that God, who knows all, and loves all, His infinite capacity to hold Love and to give Love – what a treasure that is! Do you think we could try to be like Him? I’m trying really hard. It’s a lot of fun! (laughter).

Holly: Thank you.

Carol: I want to say, Master, I’m very thankful for the healing and guidance I’ve received this morning, and that your Love coming through here has helped me break rapport – not actually break rapport, but my guidance was, I was asking this morning on my way here what I should ask because, to try to keep this brief, my mother passed on last year, and I went home to my hometown for the first time in 23 years. And part of the reason I’d stayed away so long was to try to break rapport with spirits. And going back last year, I felt a renewed rapport with these spirits. And this morning it came to me, my guidance, to love them! And thank you for your help and the help of the Angels. And I’m more able to do that and let them go. (tears)

Jesus: And my sister, have you not learned to love yourself?

Carol: Yes.

Jesus: That God loves them. God Loves them as He Loves you, that you are worthy of this great Love, my dear sister, Carol.

Geoff: Brother Jesus, thank you for the healing that you gave me a few months ago. Thank you. I have a question, if I can say it. I’ve been trying to listen to my inner voice. Sometimes it irritates me when it won’t change its mind, and it tells me intuitively things that I don’t believe. But I have been listening to it. And I didn’t hire somebody because it wouldn’t change its mind. Of course, I don’t know whether that was the right decision. But I did hire somebody recently that my inner voice seemed to like, and I must admit now, I have severe doubts. And I guess my question to you is, how can we be sure, we’ve never been told where our inner voices come from. Is this our guide? And I know it’s not God, I know that much. 1 But how can I be sure that this inner voice, that doesn’t agree with my intuition sometimes, is in fact right?

Jesus: Geoff, I will say that if with your heart, you ask God to speak to you, you will hear His answer with your heart. God never fails to answer our heart’s questions. But sometimes we fail ourselves to trust the answer. We may believe that what we decide is not right, because as you receive your answer, you must activate, put into motion, and effect, what it is your heart is telling you. Do not cut off His voice from your hands, Geoff. Make your hands say what your heart has heard. Make your voice speak what your heart has heard. Because, Geoff, God Loves your hands, He Loves your voice, He Loves your eyes. Let Him Love you that way. Love yourself as His instrument. And even though you may not understand or believe in the reason for things, if God’s Love has spoken, have faith in that Love, have faith that you have moved in Love. As we became fishers of men, we picked up our hands, and we asked God, what do we do with these hands that only know how to fish? Let Love show you what to do with your hands.

Geoff: Thank you, Master.

Dave: Master, you are my greatest friend, my dearest brother, my Master and teacher. And although it seems at times I do not appreciate all of that and recognize it, and I understand that I am a difficult student and a wayward soul at times, I would ask for your specific instructions as to your desires for my next step in being an instrument of our Creator and of yours.

Jesus: David, you are here today surrounded by the love of your brothers and sisters, mortal and spirit alike. I realize that as you leave here and you go back to the place that you have called home, you’re taking Love with you. Home is where our heart is. We choose with our hearts where we are. We make our home here for reasons we’re not always aware of, why we live where we live, why we do what we do. But our hearts are involved because we are souls that are seeking to know ourselves. Do you see the soul in other people? Is there someone you recognize in your life that helps you rekindle that knowledge of who you are as a soul?

Perhaps you would need to be the light. Sometimes we are in that place in our life where we are surrounded by darkness, so we need to hold up our light, hold it up really high, take a good look all around us to see where we’re going. But I want you to realize, my brother, that when you’re holding up your light, there’s a whole host of Angels who are extending your arm as far as it will go, whose prayers for you to find yourself are even stronger than your own. We are guiding you. Do not doubt that. And follow your heart. Find your home.

Carolyn: Master, thank you for your Love, and I want to thank God for the gifts He’s bestowed upon us. And I also want to acknowledge and thank you for your kindness earlier this year that we could have it all and live it all. Yesterday, Carol was good enough to come with me while we let go of my dad’s ashes over the ocean. And a number of things did happen, with my hat flying off without into the ocean, because the winds were so strong, and us finding the hat on a cliff, practically dry! And us singing one of his favorite hymns. And I felt his energy there, and I wanted, with my brother coming and staying with us for awhile, to not lose that aspect of our innocence when we were children. And yet, it’s been really hard a lot of times when there’s been so much negativity and pain in him that he refuses to see the good. And I want to ask for guidance in raising the energy in letting him love his nephews and nieces because I know he has pain not being with his child. How can I be more understanding and an instrument and not go into negativity? How can I be a true child in the light?

Jesus: Carolyn, I am your brother. I will be with you when you welcome your brother. Welcome me into your heart, into your home, to be your guest and recognize our Father.

You are our Father’s daughter. You have opened your heart to His Love, you have become at one with God in Love. This is what your father will seek for. This is what your brother is looking for. You have a gift of Love to share because of the great Love that God has shared with you. Make your house a house where you have welcomed all of your family, your spiritual family. We will be with you.

Carolyn: Thank you, Master.

Doug: Master, I also want to thank you for your tireless and apparently infinite patience in your two thousand-year ministry. I have a question that does not concern any of us in this room, but I’m going to ask it anyway because it keeps coming up. And the question is about the concept of the “Second Death”. And the reason the question keeps coming up is ’cause you mentioned it so many times as related in the Bible, and then again it is mentioned many times in the Padgett messages. And so each newcomer to the Padgett messages almost inevitably asks, what is it about this Second Death thing? And I tried to suggest recently that perhaps the reason some people would not be offered the Divine Love, or would not continue to be offered the Divine Love, is because perhaps the natural love is sufficient. And maybe that is why the Father is just in allowing some of His children never to receive this Love. But then someone countered by quoting another message where, through Dr. Samuels, it was written that there would be “weeping and gnashing of teeth” amongst those who refuse the Divine Love. So I’m wondering if you could perhaps shed a little more light on all of this.

Jesus: The nature of our Father’s Love, such as I have ever known It, and such as I have taught on earth and throughout these years, is that He does not withhold His Love from us, that It is tender and kind, that It is infinite. My children, there has been a great disservice done in this world to have given God the personality of anything but Love. There has been a great disservice done to you to think that you are anything other than deserving of this great Gift of Love that He has for you.

God loves you so much. You have no conception of how much Love He has for you. He wants that Love to help you love yourself as His beautiful child, His beautiful, precious one and only. There’s no one like you.

I wish to say that should that time come that God would withdraw His Love, for I do not know when that would be, He would do so with the greatest respect and Love for each of His children. For I wish to explain, for Aman and Amon, our first parents, they know how much God loved them. They know. This Love is a gift. It is offered to us to accept, should we choose. They felt they did not need His Love because the gift of the natural love that they had upon their creation was so beautiful, and so powerful, and all fulfilling, they said, “My God, what else do we need?”

Yes, God is very kind. He does Love us. And so He created us with all that we would ever want. But He offered this Gift. If He should decide one day to take this Gift away, it would only be because that child had not wanted it, that he would have felt so complete in his love, that he would not need it. It wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

But all of us have come to God in prayer because we really feel like we need a little help. We can’t make it alone. And what Aman and Amon have found out is that the Love that God had for them was beyond any imagination they could even have conjured up. What fulfillment meant to them as just the natural parents, they had no conception of what God had in mind for them. But they didn’t know what they were missing, did they?

It is a Gift. But do not think for a moment that God is unkind or unjust. And be aware that should that day come, every single one of His children will have made a choice, a conscious choice. They will know what their relationship with God is. All the blinders will be removed. They will know where they came from.

You need not worry; it’s going to be a long, long time from now, if it ever happens at all. That’s for God to decide. Does that answer your question?

Doug: Thank you.

David L.: Master, can we give this wonderful medium a break at this point? Or would you like to say something to us personally?

Jesus: Just that I love you all. I am very grateful to all for your love. Do not underestimate how important your love is to me and to God. I love you.

End of trance session


1 I am amused some 15 years later to read how certain I was of something that is quite wrong. But at that time I accepted the “Common Wisdom” of other long time Divine Love followers that found something somewhere in the Padgett Messages that seems to indicate that humans cannot communicate audibly with God. I have never actually located that passage, the more is the pity.