Messages 2006

War and Peace and God’s Plan 2.

December 26th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I see you are confused. The Padgett message about war seems to say that we Celestial Angels don’t try to influence the outcome of war. And yet, as the Book of Jeremiah says, and as you channeled President Franklin Roosevelt as saying, God does raise up empires and bring them down.

Let’s look at the statements themselves from that Padgett message that discusses what we Celestial Angels think about war.

“… the Celestial spirits are not so much interested in the war and the success or defeat of nations as in the salvation of the souls of the individuals who compose those nations ….”

“We do not interest ourselves as to whether one belligerent nation or the other will win the battles, because we know that only men themselves can decide this matter ….”

These two statements are both true. However, you must understand that, aside from channeling the idea that sin and error will be destroyed, Mr. Padgett did not have specific insights into God’s plan as you do. I say this not to flatter you, but because it is simply true.

In a war, there is violence on both sides, no matter what label this violence is attached to.

Now, many in your country have felt sincerely that wars have been fought to defend freedom.

But it is not the nation state God focuses on - it is the individuals who make up that state. So God’s primary concern, and ours, is the soul state of these individuals.

However, this does not negate or deny the fact that God has a secret knowledge of which nations will eventually prevail, and how events after victory will unfold.

What perplexes you is how this can be true, if it is also true that God has raised up and defeated empires. Of course, this is your perception as well, so you have felt that in this case, you channeled your own thought. And yet this was the thought of the Hebrew prophets as well - and it was also my thought.

What perplexes you is really a mystery, how God has always used free will for His own purposes, without violating in the least humanity’s ultimate freedom.

Take the life of Moses, who was raised an Egyptian prince. It was because of that privileged upbringing that he was able to do what he did, for he not only had insight into the workings of the Egyptian court, but he was also on intimate terms with the young Pharaoh, the man he would one day oppose.

This example illustrates that God has a hand in the shaping of historical events, but without in the least violating human free will.

But the central question you have still does not seem answered - how can God not favor a particular nation, and yet raise up and bring down nations and empires?

Well, it’s not favoritism He uses, but human free will. That is, He sets in motion, through individual leaders, events, chosen by these leaders themselves, that result in the success of His desire.

The example you are most acquainted with occurred when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, whom he had a nonagression pact with. The long-range result of this decision was to open up a two-front war, which eventually destroyed him.

Another example is the decision of the Germans to implement submarine warfare in World War I, which resulted in America’s entry into the war, and thus Germany’s eventual defeat.

But then, you are a biased American in these examples, you think, so America’s victory in both world wars seems to you to be Divine providence, since your country won twice. But your country lost in Vietnam, and is losing in Iraq.

The fact remains that Germany was defeated in both world wars. This happened because of the choices of the various military leaders and combatants. So God used these events to fashion a new world order.

So, the idea from that Padgett message is that God is not a classic patriot, cheering on a particular country over against another. And yet He knows that if certain individuals, whom He has allowed to come to power, make certain choices, the result will further His plan.

As the old song says, “He’s got the whole world in His Hands.” And now that your country’s leaders seem oblivious to the harm they are causing, and how they are destroying the environment, God will influence events so that sanity prevail, and His plan to preserve the Earth be fulfilled.

I hope I have clarified in your mind what seemed like a contradiction, but is really not.


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