Messages 2006

War and Peace and God’s Plan.

December 24-25, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, the Padgett message is true, that we Celestial Angels cannot control the appearance of wars. And yet, in God’s Plan, we work that the good prevail in war.

I know you find this subject very confusing. You feel Hitler had to be stopped, and he was. But then there was the Allied saturation bombing of Dresden and other German cities.

In war, violence is done. Now, you also know, as you channeled previously, that mortals cannot accurately determine the way God perceives acts of violence and killing in war, and that is because mortals don’t know the inner world of the motives, the intentions.

So now, you are wondering, if God determines the morality by one’s motives, isn’t it logical to conclude that violence done with good intentions is good?

This would seem to justify, for example, the Inquisitors of the Spanish Inquisition, who tortured people in excruciating ways because, as they mistakenly thought, they were saving their souls. It could also justify the Nazi death camps, if Nazis felt they were doing a service to humanity.

I know this is a very difficult subject to discuss, and I commend you for your desire to channel it.

Most Americans have felt that World War II was a “good” war, and many Americans continue to feel that Vietnam was a “bad” war. But as I have implied, war simply consists of leaders making decisions, which their military then carries out.

You have been passionate about the fact that your country dropped napalm on innocent people in Vietnam, and yet you read that the American writer John Steinbeck, whose judgment and opinion you respect, was equally passionate that American servicemen in Vietnam, including his own son, did acts of kindness and benevolence to the Vietnamese people.

The Padgett message explains clearly that in matters of war, we do not judge. You can see why from the above paragraph - American soldiers both did acts of goodness, and also acts of cruelty and violence.

Now let me elaborate on what I said in the first paragraph, that “we work that the good prevail in war.”

In order to comprehend what I have said, you need to take into account what you already know - that God’s Plan is coming into fulfillment for humanity. But how can God influence a country to win a war if we Angels ourselves don’t even judge?

Well, the answer is that He knows which military powers to use for furthering His intentions.

A good example from Jewish history is the career of the Persian monarch Cyrus the Great, who made it possible for the Israelites to return to the Holy Land after the Babylonian Captivity.

Now you are wondering, if God used Cyrus, that means that He condoned the killing of Cyrus’ enemies in battle. But that is an incorrect assumption.

No, God is all good. The key concept to grasp is that He can, and does, use evil for His own purposes. As Franklin Roosevelt said in your recent channeling, God raises up empires and then brings them down. The Hebrew prophets perceived this very clearly.

There is a plan and a guiding principle moving History, even though this is not easily discernible. And in this plan, certain leaders come to power, each one with a free-will agenda that has often led to war.

But God is not apathetic or neutral - He has always worked to end the scourge of war. But, of course, it has not worked because every generation has its own warlike leaders.

You consider yourself to be for peace and against war. You have a vision of a time in History when war will be no more. This vision was given you by God.

As you turn from your vision to look around you, the vision seems hopelessly naive and just plain wrong. And yet you also know that the vast majority of the people on the Earth yearn for peace.

(December 25, 2006, continued) To return to the topic at hand, and to summarize, God is all good, and He uses evil for His own beneficent purposes. I gave the example of the Persian monarch Cyrus, who brought the Israelites back to the Holy Land.

Another example of how God uses evil is the life of Joseph, who was left for dead in a pit, sold into slavery, and then thrown into prison, only to rise to the top of Egyptian society, and then save his own family from starvation.

So, to conclude, in matters of war, God is always actively working to have the good win. This doesn’t always occur, since war is based on human beings’ free-will choices.

But, as you have accurately perceived, History is reaching its culmination, and war itself is coming increasingly into question.

For example, the more a few Americans advocate increasing troop levels in Iraq, the more the country will continue to react against the whole, what you would call, “mess.”

And thus gradually, war itself will be questioned. At that point, political leadership will accurately reflect the anti-war, pro-peace position of the American people themselves, and the transformation from selfishness, greed, and domination to love and peace will begin.

And, let me repeat, this will happen because of the will of the American people, who are already disgusted with the Iraq quagmire.

And through the whole process, with all its horrors and uncertainties, God is there, to nurture and bind up the broken-hearted. He will prevail, and peace will come to the Earth.

I will eventually channel another message about war and peace, but this will give you food for thought for now.