Messages 2006

Moses the Dreamer.

October 25th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Moses.

Let me assure you that none of the things you have worried about will come to pass.

I am here tonight to resume my account of my inner life when I was a mortal.

In addition to having a powerful desire to know, I was a dreamer in the true sense of the word. Of course, this quality lay dormant when I was a prince. As I look back on it, this quality was submerged but was still present in a murky sort of way.

Once I left Egypt, many of these dormant qualities came to the surface. I see now that God had guided me to leave. The revelation with the bush activated this quality of dreaming. I came in contact with it consciously for the first time.

By dreaming, I am referring to a dream, an ideal, of righteousness and justice. I discovered in me a passion to do the right thing for God and for my people. It was this passion that gave me the strength and the courage to do battle with Pharaoh, the mightiest man in the world. For I knew my cause was right, and nothing could deflect me from this task.

This burning sense of righteousness, and its accompanying desire to see things through, sustained me all my life long. When my people rebelled and acted against the way they should, I drew on this quality to sustain me.

For my dream of righteousness continued after the Exodus. In fact, I had a dim sense that God would raise up a man who would eventually accomplish no less than redemption, a man who had this quality of righteousness to an eminent degree.

I have since found this person in Jesus. It is said that the book in which this idea appears, Deuteronomy (18:15), was written long after my death, and this is true. But I say that it is equally true that I had this prophetic vision - the Messianic instinct was lodged deep in the soul of the Jewish people, and I possessed it too.