Messages 2006

Jesus comments on the Padgett messages.

June 22, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Jesus.

You are wondering about the shrill language of the Padgett messages. Well, our purpose with Mr. Padgett was to emphasize those things in the Bible that are not according to God’s Will. But that does not mean that many other things in that great Book are out of harmony as well.

We had limited time and limited resources to work with. Padgett knew very well the wonderful things in the Bible, and there was no reason to repeat what he and the Christian world already knows.

There had never been an organized and detailed presentation of our subject matter as occurred in these messages. So we had to maximize on our opportunity without wasting time. These things had to come through exactly as they did.

The evolution of our beloved movement continues. With Mark Kramer’s book,1 the circle will be complete.

No one can deny the many great Truths of the Bible. We certainly don’t. But what happened with Mr. Padgett was unique and unprecedented.

There had been attempts to point out inconsistencies in the Bible before, particularly in France. But what we did through Padgett was to not only present these inconsistencies, but counter them with the Truth, the New Birth of the soul. We feel it was a glorious success.


1 Very sadly Mark has pulled back out of any public contact and as best we know his book was never completed. No one is in contact with him that I know of. He allowed his domain name to expire and his web site disappeared.