Messages 2006

The American People and Peace.

December 25th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

In your examination of your people, the American people, you perceive that there is in fact a selfish component, that so many Americans are not motivated unless it affects their pocketbooks, and that they are accustomed to material privilege and will oppose anything that will take these things away.

And you also perceive that most of the rest of the world is practically starving because of this gross inequality of wealth.

You are pondering my previous message, and conclude that it can’t come true with these American attitudes in place. There seems to be a great absence of desire to think for oneself, and a consequent great lack of awareness in many ways.

Well, you are forgetting that there are indeed many, many intelligent, caring Americans who can make a difference, and indeed will. Your study of History has shown that it is always a small group of individuals who change things.

Furthermore, you know that one person with courage and vision is capable of altering History. So, History is always subject to human free will, and when properly mobilized by correct leadership, goodness can come into the world.

Objectively, with your limited reasoning powers, you really don’t see much hope for change. But your soul’s faith is getting stronger and stronger. You thus switch over to the faith dimension, and it is in that place where you find the source of your optimism.

In my previous message, I said that discontent with Iraq will fuel a permanent anti-war trend. You disagree. You feel that many Americans even now are pro-war, and will remain so.

But they will not prevail. You cannot foresee what will occur in the coming months and years, which we have been planning, so whenever you feel pessimistic, you know it is your mind working and not your soul.