Messages 2006

A Message of Love.

January 6, 2006

Melbourne, Australia

Received by N.A.


Good morning Nicholas,

I thought it might be a good time to write about communication between spirit and mortals since I am familiar with the current theme and interest on this subject on the DLF message board. We of the Celestial realm enjoy writing and delivering messages of love with regard to our Father’s Divine Love and our Celestial environment. Those of you who participate in this form of communication bring delight to us presently here for it is part of the Truths concerning Divine Love. Soul to soul rapport and communication enables more light to enter your world and is inspiring to the readers and receivers of our messages; this also provides the receiver the experience first hand in this lovely form of communication which can transpire as the result of living with Divine Love.

We love knowing that our messages are read and openly shared which brings the feel of spirit activity and affirmation to the existence of our being here in these Celestial realms. We know that some may have doubts when receiving these messages and writings, and this is to be expected for this form of communication is a delicate and fine art of communication. When we write we do not speak words, it is more of our soul perceptions working with you. This way is easier and less demanding on the receiver. It helps us no end when the receiver is praying to the Father and is in good soul condition with Divine Love for it seems to quieten the mortal voice and the true stream of information can be conveyed. Also, when the receiver is writing it helps to have faith and to listen quietly as Nicholas is doing now.

We are together at this moment in the early morning in Melbourne and he is sitting quietly at a café out doors and there are other people seated nearby in conversation and some are reading the papers. I have descended quietly and peacefully from my residence in the Celestial Heaven to meet with Nicholas this morning and as he was walking to the café he knew perceptually that some form of writing would take place. Each individual has their way of receiving messages and for Nicholas this is perfect. I can see all as I look into the Earth and as he is writing my message I am presently by his right side just behind his right shoulder showing him with perception the desired essence of this writing. When he writes with us, such as now, not only is this message of love being conveyed but we also are communicating together inter-working our soul perceptions his soul is working but his lips are silent. I reveal to him perceptions as he asks me questions and with fondness we share in our love of the Father. I would like to say here that Nicholas has an easy rapport and acceptance of our being and this helps greatly for he entirely accepts without condition or self-determined judgement with regard to all that is transpiring here. Nicholas also accepts the full responsibility of receiving these messages as an individual in his experience of the Father and so is quite objective when writing with us. He can also communicate with natural soul very well and helped his own Dad adjust to the new and living way when he first arrived in the first natural sphere upon his death. Nicholas also understands that when writing he may well be meeting us for the first time so we say hello greet and introduce one another in love, and in the Father’s Love. There is no need for trance-mediumship here with Nicholas. Some prefer this form however it is quite a task for us to take over one’s mental facilities for spirit communication and can be quite demanding for both the giver and receiver of the message. This is why James Padgett used to become quite tired and needed to rest, the physical has its limitations.

There is no need to doubt your own capacity to receive messages, for messages will always be given with love and when we desire to give them. One cannot give or receive that which is not there or present to be given. We know the capacities of the individual and can see your soul condition so any message given by us will be perfectly fit, harmonious and good for the receiver. It may well be that as each message is conveyed more insight into our Celestial environment and as individuals present messages received this will show and reveal that living with Divine Love is always contemporary. The initial messages received by James Padgett will always be the definitive work in a sense that they are so comprehensive and a collective work that introduces the Master’s teaching of Divine Truth and Divine Love for humanity. Current messages only go into affirming the existence of Divine Love and our and your relationship with Divine Love. Each individual will have their own soul-voice to convey their experience of Divine Love as seen here and heard here on this message board and throughout the movement as a whole. There will always be Celestial guides present assisting in the ways that we can. The most significant aspect in all soulful communication is to stay true to your own experience in the Father’s Love for in this your voice will have heart, love and spirit and will speak to another’s heart love and spirit and in this way will contribute a message of faith for others to hear. Our Celestial contribution will contribute to this expression. The freedom of Divine Love is upon you all, enjoy for we are here with you knowing that this great Love of the Father is first and foremost for all of us, and from all of us here in the Celestial Heavens we send you our love.

Elyon, High spirit of the Celestial Heaven