Messages 2006

Jesus and the Talmud - Women, further explained.

October 17th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Jesus.

You have just reread, in Dr. Samuels’ channeling, New Testament Revelation 13, that “conditions affecting husband and wife were even worse in my day than in the time of Moses.” You feel this conflicts with your own channeling, “Jesus and the Talmud - Women.” Let me explain.

In one sense, both are true. Just as in your time, certain ideals prevail, which are contradicted by earthplane imperfection, so in Judea of my time, ideals relating to women both flourished and were abused.

In your country, the United States, freedom has enabled you to enjoy certain privileges. And yet everyone is aware of freedom’s limitations through human sin and greed.

And so, likewise, we had an ideal of womanhood that I was able to draw upon, which did actually exist. Simultaneously, there existed what you call a double standard, which gave to husbands a certain type of dominance and authority.

But Jewish tradition had already sanctioned the holiness of the bond between man and woman, as described in the beautiful Song of Songs.

So, just as you can confidently and proudly believe in the freedom your country represents, while fully realizing that it is defective, so I exulted in the Jewish tradition honoring the sanctity of marriage, though I saw very clearly how this often fell short of the mark.

You experience the reality that the earth life is imperfect, and yet, because you are an idealist, you choose to lift up the best aspects of humanity, and you live by these preferred values.

So I too understood how my fellow Jews often did not honor their heritage, and yet I was able to see past this, to the beautiful tradition that did essentially honor women, even though women often suffered through the inability of some Jews to live up to an ideal that was sanctioned in their culture.