Messages 2006

Experiences of a Colonial Puritan.

May 20th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Cotton Mather.

It is a particular thrill of mine to communicate to the mortal world, a deed which, in my time, would have entailed the most dire penalties. And this is particularly sweet because you are now engaged in reading a biography of me. I note the intense pleasure you derive from reading biographies. This cements the rapport you have made with the subjects of such biographies.

It has been a long time since I walked the Earth. I have had ample time to reflect on the truth about Life and Death and Immortality. And, since on Earth, I sincerely loved the Truth, I continued to love the Truth when I came over here.

And what I discovered caused a complete change in my perceptions, accompanied by not a little pain, and, yes, remorse. But since I was essentially a good person on Earth, I escaped the sort of torment reserved for less fortunate spirits.

I do not want you to think, however, that I did not suffer, for I did. And that is because not only did I believe error, but I preached error to others as well.

Spirits like me have the burden of trying to undo the damage we caused. What you must understand is that God is a loving God, and that those who come to Him with a contrite heart will not be turned away from his banquet of unconditional Love and forgiveness. And, since I did sincerely repent of my sins, with the greatest remorse, my sins were forgiven.

I continue to do my best to undo the damage I caused, and will always do so. But now, it is with joy and not suffering and remorse. It’s the same behavior, but with a completely different soul state. There is no sin God will not forgive, if the sinner is truly contrite.

I know you were never quite clear about a situation like this. You felt, how could a sinner who taught error not have to continue to pay the penalty, since so many were turned aside from the Truth by his erroneous teachings?

Well, now you know that both laws work simultaneously - the error must continue to be reversed by the originating spirit, but the inner soul condition of that spirit is completely different.

I will enjoy intensely your reaction to reading about my life. You have made it a priority in your reading at this time. You feel you would like to have a better understanding and love for us New England Colonial Puritans. You have had a very negative attitude toward us, and wish to be fair.

Well, let me say that God honors that. I think you will come away with a more positive feeling about us, even as you will continue to be aware of our sins and errors.

I will allow you to read now, but before I go, let me encourage you to remove your worries and preoccupations about money. You know that you recently made $40 tutoring French. Things like that will continue to happen.

There will never be a time when you will be without funds. Poverty will never be your lot in life.

I love you as my dear brother in Christ.

Love, Cotton Mather


Cotton Mather, (February 12, 1663 – February 13, 1728; A.B. 1678, Harvard College; A.M. 1681, honorary doctorate 1710, University of Glasgow) was a socially and politically influential New England Puritan minister, prolific author, and pamphleteer. Known for his vigorous support for the Salem witch trials, he also left a scientific legacy due to his hybridization experiments and his promotion of inoculation for disease prevention. He was subsequently denied the Presidency of Harvard College which his father, Increase, had held. (Source: Wikipedia)