Messages 2006

God’s Location.

October 21st, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Jesus.

You read, in my second formal message to Mr. Padgett, the following: “He [God] is not in any particular place, or seated on a throne in His Heavens.”

Elsewhere in the Padgett messages, I say, “No, as was said by Moses of old, and as was said by me when on earth, God is in His Heavens. And although it may be surprising and startling to mortals to hear, God has His Habitation; and God, the Substance, the Self-Existing Soul Form, has His Locality.”

Let me explain. This seeming contradiction is explained by the fact that in that early communication with Mr. Padgett, I wanted to disabuse him of the thought that God is like a person, occupying a place like a king sitting on his throne, which some people have believed. No, God is not, in that sense, in a place, as a person can be, and neither is He in any way like a person.

But the fact is that He does have a location, which is not a room or a habitation like unto humanity. The difficulty is, as you say, with semantics. The word “location” can be seen as synonymous with “place.” But there is no real way I can convey my exact meaning, because human language has no way of describing how God can have a “location.” Though on the one hand, it is not a specific, concrete place which mortals can conceive of, yet on the other hand, there is a Habitation wherein He resides.

In other words, I was attempting to deny an anthropomorphic conception of God. Another truth is that His Attributes are everywhere dispersed over the universe. But the Heart of His Being is focused in an Abode that is reserved exclusively for Him.

When mortals who believe in the Padgett messages get into the Celestial Heavens, they will fully understand what I am saying. There really is no contradiction at all, only a linguistic problem that reflects the limitations of the mortal life.