Messages 2006

Dropping defenses in the name of Love.

January 27, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


We are here now with you, my dear sister, and we are pleased that you have consented to receive a message from us. All we can do is the same as any of God’s children can do at any given moment in their lives, one moment at a time – give your love, want to know how to best serve your life and spiritual development

Developing one’s love is spiritual progress because it is the quality of soul that determines your harmony and goodness. The more Love that is received from God and given into the world, the more joy and harmony will be experienced by an individual. We have been acquainted with the negative patterns of humankind for centuries, so it doesn’t come as a surprise to us that the mortal mind’s expectations and defenses are challenging to change. This, for the most part is for a good purpose (or so it would seem) to protect a person from further distress or being taken advantage of for being weak or gullible. But when you have learned to depend upon God and His great Love to elevate the condition of your soul to higher levels of awareness, you will no longer be in need of defenses because you’ll have faith in a higher power. You will know that even if you don’t remain in your earth life, you will still be well; you will still be progressing toward at-Onement with God, the Creator and Source of all Love.

When God’s children learn that Love is the most important aspect of their lives, they will overcome their fear of the unknown and trust in the goodness of the laws that have governance over them. When there is no fear, there will be no defenses being put up to block the free flow of love, goodness and harmony in daily activities. We do know and understand the reality of how and why these defenses have been erected, but we also know that God’s Grace in a person’s soul has the ability to break down these blocks to a more peaceful and joyful earth experience.

When you have learned to give your love, knowing that it will overcome your limitations, you’ll be able to express your hearts’ desires more freely with no fear of rejection or reprisal. You will know in your hearts that if you experience “rejection” it is more than likely the person doing the rejecting who is lacking in love and joy in life, and who needs your love and acceptance as much as you need hers.

Having the courage of your convictions is an important step toward being able to express your love in ways you know are important to you, regardless of how others believe you could better express yourself. Expressing one’s love is a growing experience, the same as every step forward. One doesn’t automatically know the best, most loving and tolerant way of interacting with others, without trial and error, without attempting to learn and become more flexible through loving interactions.

The formula you’re following will prove to be efficacious; pray for God’s great transforming Divine Love to flow into your soul. Pray to have harmonious and loving interchanges with your fellow human beings. Strive to overcome your blocks and fears. With these good intentions and the help of your guardian angels, you will make good strides toward developing a divine fellowship with your brothers and sisters. Be patient and understanding, pray from your heart, activate your love and you will see the good results of your efforts.

Change is the law eternal. If you see that everything isn’t just the way you’d like it to be, or think that harmony is lacking, then you can see that the law of change will help the situation fix itself. Change needs to be recognized as a friend; it is the only thing which will alter the “imperfect” situation. Of course there can be hundreds of opinions and views to most situations, and no exact solution will be agreed upon by everyone. When love and acceptance are active and prevalent, there will be harmonious outcomes and compromises and recognition that each person is entitles to his or her own view, as long as it does not interfere with the harmony and free will choices of another.

With the great Love of God active in your souls you can achieve harmony, agreement, and success as a spiritual entity, or group, and show the way to peace, joy and love. It will work. You are on the right track, just learn to be patient and manifest your faith in a Higher Power, and know that the Divine Love of God in your souls can raise you up to a higher consciousness where no fear resides, no defenses are necessary, and only Love will be in charge.

I thank you for allowing me to write and express my feelings. I am your friend and brother, a Celestial Spirit who has been working on earth for centuries to help bring awareness to God’s children that peace is possible.

Inspired by Peter the Apostle