Messages 2006

John the Baptist’s understanding of Jesus’ Mission.

October 19th, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, John the Baptist.

I have observed your concern. I channeled through Daniel Samuels the following, in Revelation 5:

“However, I wish to state that I did not truly understand that Jesus was bringing with him immortality, which comes from possession of the Divine Love, nor did I even possess this Divine Love in my soul at the time of my execution.”

And then you read this, which I channeled through Mr. Padgett:

“To me, Jesus was the real Christ. I knew that he was the true and only one, and that no other would come after him. For when he brought to light the fact that God had bestowed upon mankind the great possibility of obtaining the Divine Love and the Divine Nature, there never thereafter arose the necessity for the existence or coming of another Christ. The Great Gift that was necessary to make man a being Divine had been bestowed, and beyond that there was nothing that the Father had to bestow upon mankind.”

Let me explain.

My understanding on Earth of Jesus’ mission was imperfect, and it is true that I did not possess the Divine Love at my death. So how could I have claimed through Mr. Padgett that I recognized him as the Christ?

Well, we were all impressed with his person, and the miracles and healing that he did do. I also at least knew consciously of the Divine Love, though I did not possess It, for that is what he taught us. How can this be, you wonder?

Well, mortals being what they are, it is entirely possible to hear of this Love constantly without actually receiving It. This came about because of cultural and personality factors that caused me to focus on my own mission, and the many pressing and urgent concerns that swirled around us in that tumultuous time.

Another factor was the tragic fact that I was killed so soon, and thus never had the chance to develop in Jesus’ teachings.

So you can see that my life, as all mortal lives, unfolded according to the exigencies of the day, and the dictates of my personality, which caused me to behave according as my training and conscience told me.

Actually, as you can see, I was not really a full disciple of Jesus in the Divine Love. But we could not help but be impressed by the authority and regal nature of his person, and the wonderful powers he had. And we did hear the words “Divine Love” over and over.

So, the statement I channeled through Mr. Padgett you quoted above, was a true one, even though my understanding at the time was limited.