Messages 2006

Freedom both in Colonial America and in the future.

June 15, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by F.A.B.


I am here, Roger Williams.

Yes, dear Arthur, God bless America! I did believe, like you, in the utter equality, in rights and freedoms, of Native Americans. Indeed, when I came over here, many of them who had observed me showed me great respect and kindness, and told me that because of me, they were able to think well of the Pale Faces.

I have shown some of these Native spirits the way to the New Birth, but others have preferred their own beliefs. Though I am sad about this, I am also happy that in light of such tragic events on Earth, they are able to do this in complete freedom.

The bells of freedom will ring out, and Miss Liberty will light her torch to the whole world and tell it that America stands for true freedom.

I will be writing more through you in the future. I know you wanted to hear more, but it is best that I stop.

Your friend,

Roger Williams.


Roger Williams (December 21, 1603 – April 1, 1684) was an Anglo-American theologian, a notable proponent of the separation of Church and State, an advocate for fair dealings with Native Americans, founder of the City of Providence, Rhode Island a co-founder of Rhode Island. Roger Williams traded 7 beads for Rhode Island. (Extract from Wikipedia.)