Messages 2006

Observing the Human Soul.

April 1, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by A.R.


Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth inspired the following message.


I [Mary] wish to share my thoughts about the relationship of mind and soul, particularly for a person still in her mortal body.

As a child, I observed many changes brought about by the forces of God and the actions of men and women. I became aware that the world was a complex blend of divine and mortal influences that shaped my perceptions and realities, and that within me were tools by which I could perceive and understand both God’s natural creations of which I was a part, and the creations of man that arose from his desires, thoughts, and actions.

Each person is born with the ability to distinguish between God’s and man’s creations by observing how these fit into an innate sense of what is “real.” The child who is exposed to the beauties and verities of the natural world of God’s creation would begin to understand a sense of order and purpose that is larger than what she could create. She would possess a certain wonder in the power and vastness and intricacy of life and develop her natural ability to “see” as she explores this world and the important part she plays in it.

Although the creations of the mortal mind come and go on the whim of mind that creates them, the influence of these creations shape our thoughts and feelings, and ultimately, our perception of what is real. [Jesus continues:] Through observing our day-to-day experiences, belief is formed (which results in action). If we consider the truth that we are only one small part of a creation that embodies all life, and choose to study this larger creation, we may learn to deepen our own sense of who we really are, as creations of God.

God created the human soul in His Image for the purpose of becoming at-one with Him in Love. He has communicated His loving purpose throughout human history. His Love is evident even to our natural senses. Consider the bird that is groomed all its life to join its kind in the sky. When the baby bird’s wings are ready for the challenge of flight, all the forces that surround it are ready also - from the first leap from the nest, to the gravity that plunges it into life or death, to the wind with which it soars to the heights. No less is given the human child to survive - and something even greater: the sense of belonging to a Divine Creator who can nurture and sustain the soul’s potential.

In this, there is no disregard for the truth that each of us needs the support of manifest love from each human heart. As the saying goes, no man is an island. When we form relationships with others, we may observe their soul, for what greater example is there of the human soul but itself? The mind as a tool enables us to inquire, to observe, and to understand this beautiful soul.

Imagine yourself at the shore watching the sun set over the ocean, then imagine such beauty in yourself. Did not God create us to “shine” with all our loving energy - with hope, awe, excitement, wonder, curiosity, and happiness? If we look deep into our hearts, and into the hearts of our brothers and sisters, would we not find these beauties?

See hope as a tall tree reaching upward for the light, love as the warm sun upon your face, joy as the songbird in flight. Then will you begin to cultivate your mind as a tool your soul can use to learn about life and beyond. Reality will transform into an exquisitely intricate tapestry you and God weave together in Love.