Messages 2006

The Arab/Israeli Conflict

August 7, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, David Ben-Gurion.

My name is well-known to you. I did what I could to further the interests of the modern Jewish state of Israel. I, of course, was partial to her interests and did believe somewhat in the religion of my ancestors.

You are perplexed about warfare by Israelis. You feel that God does not justify killing in war. You feel Israel could not have survived had she not defended herself against the Arabs, and yet you feel innocent Arabs and Muslims have died at the hands of Israeli bombs.

You have so far gone under the assumption that God has a special providence in safeguarding the Jewish state, and yet you hate all the bloodshed Israel causes.

Well, I am not a Christian, nor am I particularly developed spiritually. But I think I can clear up some of your confusion.

The answer is that God does take care of Israel, but only in the same way that He takes care of humanity in general. I do not subscribe to the view that the Jews are a “chosen people.” You have, on the one hand, agreed with this, yet on the other hand, feel a special providence for Israel.

I have seen so many things over here that have surprised me, and that have convinced me that God most certainly does not play favorites. I have seen Arab Muslims who were my contemporaries, who are happy and at peace, and I have seen some of my contemporary Israelis in utter darkness. And I have seen equally the reverse. So, I have concluded that it is not the Jewish state God focuses on, but the individual human soul, whether it be Jew or Arab.

You are surprised that I have this opinion, considering my prominence in Israeli affairs. Well, even on Earth, I was not devout, and when I came over here, I did not come with a very great attachment to the Israeli state. You feel you are channeling this incorrectly. Let me explain.

Toward the end of my earthly life, as I saw my term coming to an end, I began to reflect differently about many things. This is quite common amongst the elderly. One thing which changed at that time was my allegiance to Israel. Of course, I would still defend and serve her. But other matters were of more importance to me. I began to think of life in a very different way. And after I arrived over here, this process was continued - in fact, it was intensified.

I know that you would assume that Jewish spirits would congregate with other Jewish spirits, and in general, this is true. But it is not universally true, for many Jews, particularly Jews like myself who were not immersed in the Orthodox traditions, have seen beyond Jewish culture to a wider perspective, as you already do. Jews are human first, and thus share with humanity the tendency to either be clannish or embrace a greater vision.

Now let me get back to the problem at hand. The situation is that those Arabs who are hostile to Israel, do not want her to exist. These Arabs thus create the spiritual laws whereby sowing and reaping come into play, and also the laws of justice. Expressed plainly, from the perspective of these higher laws, the Arabs are in the wrong, since they are perpetrating an injustice. But this does not mean that Israel is always innocent.

You are still confused. You wonder, for example, about the 1967 war, when Israel was the aggressor, because she saw the Arab armies gathering, and wanted to beat them out. Israel would have been attacked, so she attacked first. Was that aggression, or simply self-defense?

My answer may seem to be an evasion. With my broader perspective (and, of course, I am just one spirit), I say that the main issue is the motives of the Israeli Army members. Some wanted to protect their homeland, and there have been others who could not wait to kill some Arabs - yes, that has existed in Israel as well.

These people who believe Israel should be always defended whether she be right or wrong, wind up on the darker side of things. At least that’s how I now see it.

So, the answer is what you already know - it’s the individual soul God cares about most.

You feel I haven’t fully satisfied you. You feel it is a miracle not only that Israel came into existence, but also that she has survived against all the odds. So you have concluded that God has had a hand in it.

Well, yes, God loves the Jewish people, and He has defended them when others have sought to destroy them. You are now wondering if maybe you’ve been wrong.

Your Angel guide is prompting me to end here. So ponder what I have written.

For your comfort and consolation, I have been told by spirits who are your guides that you will be very happy.

Love, David Ben-Gurion


David Ben-Gurion (October 16, 1886 - December 1, 1973) was the first Prime Minister of Israel. (Source: Wikipedia) A more recent message is to be found here.