Messages 2007

An Israeli leader adds to his previous message.

July 20, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, David Ben-Gurion.

I come today to elaborate on the thoughts I channeled through you on August 7, 2006.

First, let me say that you received that channeling accurately.

I have suffered greatly because of my inhumanity toward the Palestinian Arabs who were native to my land for centuries. As my life came to an end, I began to shift in my attitude to many things. I wanted very much to bring that August channeling to Earth because I felt it was a way to try to rectify the injustices I perpetrated.

I began, even before death, to think differently about the Jewish people and about Israel, and found more of a common humanity. I realized that we are people first before we are of a religious, ethnic, or national group. And the next step was to reflect on my own behavior. I had kindness in my nature. I was thus able to perceive, even before I died, that I had been in error in the way I had treated the Palestinians. So, as you can imagine, my decline on Earth was colored by these unpleasant thoughts.

The kind things I did as a mortal could not alleviate the penalty I had to suffer. I found myself not in an exclusive Jewish world, but in more of a universal mix of spirits who had similar experiences to mine. Since I did not perceive Judaism in the strict Orthodox sense on Earth, I found myself in the company of many non-Jewish spirits with whom I shared a common bond. And despite the penalty I was made to bear, I was able to have interchanges which reflected beyond my specifically Jewish heritage.

My experiences as a spirit confirmed the enlightenment I had before death. Many of these thoughts were private. I knew very well that I could not share these thoughts with Israeli friends and relatives. As death approached, these thoughts became more and more of a reality, so that when I actually experienced the naked truth of the spirit world, I saw how I had been prepared.

My suffering has shown me that, just as the Torah teaches, there is a universal law of justice that operates in the affairs and the behavior of humanity, and when this law is violated, there is always a penalty to be paid.

I did not have an Orthodox higher education. My interest very early in life focused rather on the issue of Zionism.

Let me comment on my statement in the August channeling, “The situation is that those Arabs who are hostile to Israel, do not want her to exist. These Arabs thus create the spiritual laws whereby sowing and reaping come into play, and also the laws of justice. Expressed plainly, from the perspective of these higher laws, the Arabs are in the wrong ….” Obviously, what I was referring to was those Arabs who have actively sought to do violence to Israelis. For even if it is true that injustices were made by Israelis, violence is still violence, and inevitably brings its own penalty.

In another statement in the August channeling, I said, “nor am I particularly developed spiritually.” What I meant is that, whereas there were ways in which I was ahead of many of my fellow spirits, nevertheless I have my penalties to pay.

And so, my example illustrates the fact that enlightened and unenlightened behavior can coexist in the same spirit; I had observed that some spirits have nothing but their own darkness, and do not possess any higher development at all. These types of spirits are in much lower spheres than the one I have inhabited.

As to my statement in that channeling, “I do not subscribe to the view that the Jews are a ‘chosen people,’” this was the direct result of my meditations before my death, and my consequent experiences in the spirit world confirming these more inclusive thoughts.

Now let me comment on your own role in this whole situation. You will see how the Creator will place you in situations in which you will be able to draw upon like-minded souls, regardless of the extremists and the hardliners. All you are required to do is your best. You readily acknowledge that you have not experienced the Middle East conflict firsthand, but yet you yearn for a peaceful solution.

Well, don’t underestimate or doubt the positive effect you can have in your efforts. And also, don’t underestimate the growing strength of younger people in Israel who are not locked into the mentality that perpetrates the tragic conflict that embroils my country. A solution can be found, and the Creator is at work to help all those who desire love, justice, and peace.

I am grateful for this opportunity to share my thoughts with the world, in a way which was impossible when I was a mortal.