Messages 2006

Turning the Corner.

September 21, 2006.

New Jersey, USA.

Received by D.L.


My dear _____, I doubt that I have the words to convey to you how much I appreciate your taking the time to allow me to speak to you, and through you to my brothers and sisters on earth who I have left behind, but who I still love so very much.

You have commented that you were especially fond of the two existing messages from Jesus through me relating to why the Pharisees and some other factions of the Jews did not accept him as the Messiah. Those two messages could well serve as Jesus’ contemporary response to those who have eyes but do not see, and ears but do not hear - as was true when Jesus first uttered his words of affirmation that he was indeed the Messiah who came to earth with his most wonderful Glad Tidings message, as given him by the Father.

But lo and behold, while Jesus’ words then have long ago drifted into the ethers, not to be heard in the form of his precise words again, though the churches that have since been formed surrounding the recorded Truths given them through Mr. Padgett, and assimilating those Truths which he first revealed, we now see from our vantage point that those Truths have returned, and have come back once again in even a louder and more persuasive volume, if I may put it that way. And we in the heavens are rejoicing that this has come to pass. For I tell you, the Master’s words and messages are here to stay for all eternity, never to be lost again, as they once were.

As it is obvious, I did not address who this message is from at the beginning, as has been the custom of many who have written through you. This was not forgetfulness on my part, but actually intentional.

You see, my dear brother, who I am personally I felt should wait in light of the fact that I was given the special honor and privilege of communicating to you, and to all our brethren on earth so lovingly carrying the Truths of our Father to others, the very proclamation I have just delivered-that the world will never again be without these Truths of the Father’s Love, through your pioneering efforts and through the continuing efforts of all those who will follow and who will increase in numbers and effectiveness until, as the Master once stated earlier, there will be a total brotherhood on earth and the heavens and the earth will be as one in a Consummation of the Age!

I, too, have been a pioneer. And many readers should certainly know by now that I am your brother and friend to all humankind, known formerly by the name of Dr. Daniel G. Samuels. And now that my intended message has been communicated, and sanctioned not only by the Master and millions of his co-workers, but also by the Father Himself Who has given us to understand in our Celestial Heavens that “the corner has been turned.” And from out of this darkness we have only the Light of God’s Love and Truths now before us. I tell you that while we are already rejoicing, for we dearly love all our earthly brothers and sisters, our happiness could not possibly be complete without sharing this new era of Good News that has been revealed to us and is now established and moving forward.

It is one thing to “hope” that your work will be of some value. It is quite another to be told unequivocally that your hope has been realized. So, my brethren, and all who may read this message, rejoice! For through the works of those before you, combined with the loving efforts of your own, we have reached a new milestone. The Foundation has been laid, it stands impenetrable, and upon it will be a magnificent structure of everlasting beauty as it ascends toward the heavens.

Of course, what this means to you all working in the Father’s Vineyard is by no means a cessation of your own labors. But now this will take place with expanded hearts and souls in the knowledge that the seeds you have sown have taken root and are now ever growing!

When I arrived and was able to reorient myself to my surroundings, and clearly understood that I was now a spirit, I was met by many.

As is the usual case, I was first met by my relatives and friends who passed on before me, many of whom were still oriented in their Jewish beliefs.

Shortly thereafter, I met Jesus, some of the disciples, and Mr. and Mrs. Padgett, their parents, and many of others who you would not know. When Dr. Georger, Eugene Morgan and, of course, Dr. Stone came to greet me, we had quite a wonderful friendship develop among us all.

Yes, it is true that I have remained in relative obscurity since my passing in terms of earthly communication. This was due in part to my emphasis on further developing my soul and attaining the Celestial Heavens, where I now reside. But a greater part of my relative obscurity has had to do with my own chosen work here in the spirit world.

It is correct that what remained of my family on earth, during my own work with the Master there, did not approve of my allegiance to Jesus and to his mission. For this reason, I remained as quiet about my mediumship as possible at the time, not willing to openly offend either my Jewish relatives or my friends. However, now I spend the majority of my time and efforts with these same relatives and friends of the Jewish faith, along with many others, introducing them to the simple Truth of obtaining God’s immortalizing Love through prayers to him for this wonderful Gift. Of course, I have the full support of Jesus and his earthly disciples especially, because, as you know, Jesus and most of his earthly disciples were also Jewish.

And when many saw the great beauty and humility of Jesus before them, and having been reminded of his own Jewish heritage, they soon became persuaded of what he had to say. Not all, of course, because of an earthly lifetime of holding any strong religious belief, housed in the fallible mind and reasoning faculties, can still be extremely resistant to change. But among some disappointments have been many joys, and I am quite happy performing the role of a kindly teacher, which in fact was among my callings on earth.

Before closing, I wish to briefly address what some have questioned concerning the clarity of my mediumship. I should like to say to those questioners that I will be the first to declare and affirm that my mediumship was occasionally flawed in some particulars, but the messages I received as a whole were accurate in the majority. All mediums have been and still are not perfect in their reception of messages from spirit, but this is precisely why Jesus and others repeated the same basic information in so many different ways. While certain information may not have been accurately communicated in one message, other follow-up messages served to correct this misinformation in the main when the particular medium, such as Mr. Padgett or I were more in rapport.

My best advice to my editing brethren is to react to those questionable statements, some corrected elsewhere, taking out obvious errors in translation as reinforced by many more correct translations of essentially the same material, or, perhaps in some cases, a footnote by the editor may be the best way to handle some questionable material standing apparently exclusively on its own.

But I will say again, and my good friend, Mr. Padgett, now here with me, also wishes to affirm that the very great majority of our messages contain the Truth, and they have been reinforced as such through repeated messages on the same topics. We know, of course, that no editor of ours or member of the church believes otherwise. The amount of Truth communicated has been quite consistent and persuasive, else we would not have the great church that we have, nor would we have reached the present proclamation time that I have been so privileged to communicate through you. So, my dear friends, take heart in your accomplishments. Rejoice in the Light and Love not only in your own hearts, but also in their growing Presence in your world. The Foundation is now complete, a new milestone has bee reached, and the Light of God’s Love is now leading us forward.

In all humility and great thankfulness, I wish to say that, yes, I am ever with you, and have especially often visited and have attempted to encourage those who have been and still are working so diligently and lovingly toward the fulfillment of the Kingdom. And I especially want to personally thank you, my brother, for capturing the essence of my intended message so very well.

I leave you now, hopefully no longer a stranger of the past, but now and ever your own friend and devoted brother in God’s Love, Daniel G. Samuels

(Note: I thought that this was the end of a rather extensive communication from spirit. However, I got internally prompted that Jesus wanted to add a postscript. Here is what he had to say below.)

Yes, dear brother, this is Jesus who you have been influenced to allow me to add a postscript. I do wish to affirm first that Daniel’s message was and is accurate. And since my wonderful brother, Daniel, had served me so very well in his message taking, we felt that he should be the one to speak for us today. Of course, the landmark or milestone of which he spoke is essentially “fluid,” and not a stationary one. As the earth gathers the rain on earth, so too are aspiring souls increasingly gathering the Love of God within themselves. And the “waters” of God’s Love are thus manifesting increasingly on earth.

As a prelude to this message, through several trance messages with more than one receiving, I have stressed that it is time for you to recognize the Power and Glory of God’s Love within you, and to now go forth and manifest this with others. The time is now propitious to gather souls for the Kingdom on a more personal level. Our information is well established in our many and varied volumes, and this will continue to awaken many souls to the Truth. But there is nothing so powerful as the personal touch, because that touch much more readily makes its way more directly and quickly into the souls of those who are exposed to the presence of another’s possessed Love. God’s Love shining forth from one’s soul does communicate wordlessly and invisibly, but there is no better Communicator than this Love in all of creation.

As I and my early disciples walked the hills of Palestine, and met with people along the way, we did not come with books in hand to educate those brethren. Yet many, each in their own way, “heard” those Truths and “saw” that Love within us. And, so, I say to you, my present disciples on earth, go forth and manifest this Love in all you say and do. Some are doing this already. But it is now time for all to participate in this much more personal way. Give of your Love in whatever manner your soul prompts you to give. And know assuredly that the harvest is ripe, and that your ultimate reward is simply unspeakable.

Your brother for all eternity, Jesus.


It would appear from the records of The Social Security Death Index held by that Dr. Samuels died in March 1982, and as he was born on 18th May 1908, that would make him 73 at the time of his death.