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What If I Had Not Been Executed.

December 26th, 2006.

Illawarra District, Australia,

Received by GMB.


Bzutu : “I greet you brother. This is Midwayer Chief Bzutu. The connection is made. Proceed and don’t be shy.”

Joan of Arc : “This is Jehanne. Many on the world of my origin believe me to be a saint, and yes, they even pray to me. I guess you will understand that it is a matter of somewhat of an embarrassment to me. All that are here are saints, or none are. Pilgrims headed for Paradise is what we all are; what you are.

“However, one must make allowances. Those who are not in the know cannot be blamed, no. However, their prayers should be directed at the Master Creator and Architect of all that is; the eternal Father.

“I speak the language of this region. It is being translated for me by your close friend, and I know that it is translated into English, not of course my favorite French of olden days, or these days.

“A question that has often been asked by many, and never yet satisfactorily answered, is why it is the Midwayers, my dear friends, but in other terms, why God himself did not release me from what always was a pending death sentence. It is here, in these parts unknown to you, that there are many who were aware at that time, as they are aware now, of the potentials of what could have happened to the remainder of my life.

“The task that needed to be performed had been performed by me. For me, the work was done, and the normal things a normal woman did; like getting married, keeping house, working the farm, and having children, could not be. Tall trees that are not firmly rooted blow over in strong winds. I was a heroine for being a mere tool, and I was a child, still, in many ways.

“For some, and we will not give any examples, there comes a situation when very difficult forks in the roads are faced, much later in lives full of experiences, and great changes occur in these lives, as a new path is chosen that needs this great expertise, and a long life to walk that lengthy path. There are those, like myself, who at a young age as I was, have achieved what needed to be achieved, and the projected potential does not herald well for spiritual growth.

“Shall we ask if during the time that I lived my earth life, there was more to be done, except for me to thrive on what had been achieved and grow vain? Was it necessary for the project including myself to come to an end? The universe, indeed, makes no mistakes. A job was done, and it was time to leave.

“There are those here, who can clearly project what would have happened with my going on a downward trend, as an old head cannot be placed on young shoulders. There are those on High who can work out all details, to the greatest finesse, of all the alternatives, but ‘martyr for a cause’ was best.

“It is best for some to get a warning and take the right fork in the road. It is best for others to discover a dead-end road; an end to the journey on a high note for the sake of others. The task was important, as there was little patriotism left in France. Votes could be bought with money, and there was much money spent on buying votes, favors, titles, and allegiances. Of all things, important patriotism was brought alive in my country, and the balance of power was restored.

“I do trust, my dear friends, that in this short communication I have answered your question of ‘what if I had not been executed’. I add to this only, that my greatest worldly enemy, Monsieur Cauchon, is one of my closest present-time friends. I thank you George. We are well aware of you and your friends, your projects, your striving, and your successes. May they continue. This is Jehanne.”

George : “Thank you dear Sister.”


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Joan of Arc , also known as Jeanne d’Arc , (c.1412 – 30 May 1431) was a national heroine of France and is a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. She asserted that she had visions from God which told her to recover her homeland from English domination late in the Hundred Years’ War. The uncrowned King Charles VII sent her to the siege at Orleans as part of a relief mission. She gained prominence when she overcame the light regard of veteran commanders and lifted the siege in only nine days. Several more swift victories led to Charles VII’s coronation at Reims and settled the disputed succession to the throne.

The renewed French confidence outlasted her own brief career. She refused to leave the field when she was wounded during an attempt to recapture Paris that autumn. Hampered by court intrigues, she led only minor companies from then onward and fell prisoner at a skirmish near Compiagne the following spring. A politically motivated trial convicted her of heresy. The English regent John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford had her burnt at the stake in Rouen. She had been the heroine of her country at the age of seventeen and died at just nineteen. Some twenty-four years later Pope Callixtus III reopened the case and a new finding overturned the original conviction. Her piety to the end impressed the retrial court. Pope Benedict XV canonized her on 16 May 1920. (Source: Wikipedia)