Messages 2006

Pelagius is vindicated.

August 24, 2006

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB.


I am here, Pelagius.

As you have gathered, many of my ideas were vindicated over here.

Truth does not change. We were all given free will, which determines our lives. I see no evidence for original sin over here, just as I saw no evidence for it on Earth.

I inhabit the Celestial Heavens, and know with a great truth that God loves all His children, and that we stand or fall on the choices we make.


Pelagius (c. 354 - c. 420440) was an ascetic monk and reformer who denied the doctrine of Original Sin from Adam and was declared a heretic by the Church. He was well educated, fluent in both Greek and Latin, and learned much theology. He spent time as an ascetic, focusing on practical asceticism, which his teachings clearly reflect. He was not, however, a cleric. He was certainly well known in Rome, both for the harsh asceticism of his public life as well as the power and persuasiveness of his speech. His reputation in Rome earned him praise early in his career even from such pillars of the Church as St Augustine of Hippo, who referred to him as a “saintly man.” However, he was later accused of lying about his own teachings in order to avoid public condemnation. Most of his later life was spent defending himself against other theologians and the Catholic Church. (Source: Wikipedia)