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What is the Truth about Evolution - 4

February 6th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

In response to confusion from a church colleague regarding my first channeling regarding evolution, let me clarify.

The sentence involved is:

“But it is true that the human body, in the person of the first parents, was not created instantaneously, and arose according to certain natural laws, one such law being that the bodies of Aman and Amon were originally conceived as all human beings have been.”

I am referring to two separate ideas. One can argue that, since conception began the life of the physical bodies of Aman and Amon, they were created instantaneously.

But then, how did this natural physical process originate? I was saying that the existence of the physical mechanism allowing this conception had a long history, and did not originate with that moment of conception.

I said, “In the person of the first parents” because they were the first humans.

In other words, though they were conceived, which process can be seen as instantaneous, nevertheless this process did not originate in a void, and behind it was a natural process of evolution.

I have used the word “evolution” only because it is the current English word. But it is a word with a certain charged history. God did bring life forms into existence, and therefore human beings, according to a certain ordered plan, but Darwin could not see a wider picture than what he presented to the world.