Messages 2010

On Material Abundance.

February 23rd, 2010

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me channel a message about material abundance, as I desire that you have more clarity. In your experience of the Unity movement, you are learning that material abundance can be attracted, and that it is a good thing, and not a bad thing. You are wondering how these ideas cohere with my way of thinking.

Well, I said in a previous channeling that for us Celestial Angels, material abundance is really not important. So then, you wonder, what of the thought that God desires abundance for all of us? In your native Judaism, material abundance is very important even in a religious sense. Also, at this moment in your life, you have material abundance, and you know that this has given you comfort and security.

Well, just because I said we don’t think material abundance is important, does not mean that we do not want our mortal charges to feel comfortable and secure. Mortals require certain things of a material kind that disappear in this spirit world, so what we do is to work through the earthplane and provide succor for these sincere mortals.

So then, your own direct experience at this very time denies the implication of the Bible, that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Well, the truth that this verse is expressing, and it is a truth, is that material wealth always brings the possibility of falling into temptation, and the greater the wealth, the greater possibility of this temptation. But it doesn’t mean that wealth is inherently evil, because it is not.

So now, you wonder, if your current abundance has brought you comfort and security, how could it be unimportant, since your psychological welfare is important? Well, when I said that, all I was saying was that for us, the spiritual life of our charges is our greatest priority. We don’t live on the earthplane as you do. You require to pay the rent and feed yourself. You are also expanding your spending habits to accommodate your preparation for your mission, by, for example, buying many books. Well, yes, God provided you with the funds for these books so that they can be purchased and used for your mission, which you actively desire.

The confusion in your mind comes from the fact that your situation is not that of many others, who accumulate money in a way that is totally devoid of and ignorant of spiritual truth. Indeed, these other people, in accumulating wealth, are acting in direct contradiction of spiritual truth, and therefore falling into temptation. It is this type of behavior that is causing all the imbalance in your contemporary world.

So is wealth good or bad? My answer is, it is neither; it is a fact of the mortal life, which like everything else, can be used constructively or destructively, to benefit God and humanity, or to be exploited for one’s own selfish purposes.

I wish to emphasize that certainly, as Judaism affirms, material wealth can be a great blessing. There is nothing wrong with being materially comfortable. God wants His children to be happy, and knowing that funds are available not only for basic necessities but also for greatly desired pleasures, is part of that happiness. It’s only when this wealth is detached from morality, as it often is, that trouble comes.

So let me conclude by saying that God is Love, and that therefore, God desires the happiness of His children. Putting one’s trust in God, in the heart of material concerns, is the way that I taught, and continue to teach. This method has served you well for over thirty years, and it serves you well now. In fact, it can be said that because you applied it, you have attracted this abundance. So then it works together with spiritual truth instead of against it.