New birth

Messages 2008

A confirmation of love.

June 23rd, 2008

Melbourne Australia

Received by Nicholas Arnold.


I am with you tonight to confirm the wonderful sharing and collaborative work that you and Zara have done with the spirits in presenting an awareness of the Father’s Love. I have been present on many a time when these communications were taking place and with much enjoyment to see another chapter unfold so that the hearts of those who may come to participate in their knowing of Divine Love can gain comfort, support and reassurance in the Love and the essence of these Messages communicated. It was our desire to communicate more Truths involving Our Father’s Divine Love and this fact I made mention when working with James Padgett, that there were many more Truths that can be revealed and in these Messages, many Truths have been revealed to continue the awareness of Divine Love.

I helped guide you to this work and also could see that the Awareness approach was a loving and a supportive approach on this most subtle and intrinsic of subject matter, and this being of a soul’s union with the Soul of the Father. You have both listened well and you have both received well and also your own soul condition was sufficiently developed prior to these messages so that our communications with you were most accessible and revealing in their essence.

Living with the Father never need be under sufferance of any condition and contained in these Messages is the overwhelming sense of love and Truth and beauty that shines a good light so that the Love that is available for all mortal souls is seen as an attainable and realistic and true experience. I also would like to acknowledge the individuals who have participated in this who live in other parts of the world and by their own acceptance and welcoming of these Messages, it is that faith is present and this action has contributed toward this substantial work and the substance and quality of the love in this work. Quite simply, for all sincerely love the Father and in this deep love, know that the Love is right even when the Father may only be just known as a little light in their heart and soul. It takes small steps to walk the full distance and to create the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven.

Beside me now is White Feather and many other spirits whom I am well pleased with for their efforts to help bring about this work which is ultimately to create an awareness of the Father and the Loving nature of the Father and the Love that is the Light of the world and the light of the Divine Love Spheres and Celestial Heavens. There is now a wonderful blend of Messages that begin with my teachings of the New-Birth conveyed through James Padgett and now the Awareness of Divine Love Messages in which all help to generate more love and peace in the souls of the world. To all those loving souls living in the Love of the Father, continue to draw close to the Father and to let this most beautiful and supportive Love comfort you in your faith and guide you in your faith.

I would like to say thank you for your loving service at this time for the energy contained within this work will shine like a light for souls to learn and to become aware of the great gift of Divine Love and the gifts that this Love brings to the soul for many years to come from this present day.

Love and blessings, love and peace

Your loving Celestial brother, Jesus