Messages 2010

Jesus and Ancient Egypt.

December 5th, 2010

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

You are now reading “The Pagan Christ” by Tom Harpur. You are wondering what I think about it.

Well, the parallels between the New Testament and ancient Egyptian religion are irrefutable. But he misses the point when he states that I did not exist as a living mortal sent by God to proclaim God’s gift of the New Birth of the soul, manifested in my own soul as a living witness.

The ancient Egyptian prefiguration (foreshadowing) of spiritual transformation is also a fact. This simply points to the fact, and fact it is, that after the fall of the first parents, the memory of God’s original promise of soul transformation in the Divine Love remained as a distant but potent memory that nothing could eradicate.

Human beings are the same, whether they be ancient Egyptians or contemporaries, and thus all now have the privilege of receiving the New Birth. The four Gospels in the New Testament, as you are aware, are not accurate accounts, in many places, of what transpired. They were embellished in places to such an extent that it makes it impossible for an objective seeker to discern the truth.

There certainly is merit to the ancient myths and parables of humanity, but my life was a reality, and as I and my Celestial followers have done in the various channelings through Mr. Padgett and others, we have sought to restore to the mortal life the truth, which has been well known in the spirit world. And that truth is this: every mortal and spirit is now able to receive the New Birth. The fact that many spirits have chosen to reject this path does not lessen its conscious presence as a choice available to all.

Now you are reading that Mr. Harpur states that the whole Bible is a myth, and its principal characters never existed. Well, Moses is real, Abraham is real, and so are all the others. This approach is Mr. Harpur’s. It does not always accord with the truth, for my mission was real, as were the lives of the principal forerunners of the Divine Love as they exercised their natural love in a way that was pleasing to God.

My chief objection to Mr. Harpur’s point of view is that he fails to understand that as the Messiah, my soul was actually transformed by the New Birth. This was something that actually happened in the real world. Indeed, this is the only way it could have happened, not in some mythical blur, but concretely, as a result of my soul’s yearning for the Divine Love. This makes possible the transformation of soul of others because I was privileged to be the first to receive this wonderful and precious Love.

As you can see, his approach is his own. It is not yours. And it is not mine. Parallels to ancient Egypt certainly exist. But these things of myth and nonreality have obscured the truth of soul transformation, which was my living reality when I was a mortal. But we actually guided you to read this book because it is healthy for you to be conversant with other contemporary opinions about my mission.